L400 Space Gear front upper arm ball joint grease up

This front upper arm ball joint is the weak point of the L400 Space Gear. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last 200,000km.

If you hear a squeaking sound like a violin when turning or leaning at an intersection, it is probably because the front upper arm ball joint is worn out.

It’s okay to replace them, but it costs about $50 each, and $100 for two? Well, it’s probably cheaper to grease it up before it starts making noise.

When I turn the steering wheel, I hear an odd “squeak” sound.

I started to hear an odd “squeaking” noise when exiting the parking lot, parking, and turning at intersections. Within a few days, the noise got louder and I thought, “Is it an air bite in the power steering pump?”.

Because the power steering fluid was just short of the lower limit of the power steering fluid from the time I bought this car, so I wondered if air had gotten into the car without me knowing it. I thought.

And since the noise only comes out when I move the steering wheel, I figured it was probably the power steering pump, steering shaft, rack, or something else.

Venting a power steering pump is surprisingly easy

The air venting process is a method I learned on another site, but first I put the floor jack near the transmission mount and lift the front end.

Open the cap on the power steering fluid reserve tank and make sure you have the right amount of fluid, then put Wes on (to prevent splashing).

With the engine stopped, cut the engine fully to the right, and now cut it fully to the left. Do this process about 5 times.

Now start the engine and do the same thing.

That’s all for the air removal work. Even though the machine was set up on the spot, no sound came out. The noise seemed to disappear so easily.

The next day there was another noise! And the noise got even louder!

Despite the fact that we blew the air out of the power steering pump the day before, the next morning we heard the noise again…

So, I tried to release the air again, and the sound disappeared for the time being. But the next day, the sound changed to “gee” instead of “squeak”. Obviously, the sound got louder and more obvious to passersby!

This does not appear to be a power steering pump. The possible cause of this would be…

Something is hitting the car when it is leaning.
Tie Rods
Tie rod end
Ball joint related
Steering Rack & Shaft

Hmmm, I have too many ideas in mind to deal with it.

We’ll start off by greasing up the front upper arm ball joint

I started by greasing up the upper arm ball joint, which seems to be the easiest thing to do.

Jack up the tire, remove the tire, and use a small flat head screwdriver to flip up a part of the dust boot on the upper arm ball joint dust boot.

Then put the tip of the grease gun in there and put the right amount of grease. Be careful not to put in too much grease at this time because the grease will come out of the dust boot.

After putting in the right amount of grease, pull out the grease gun and insert the dust boot into the dust joint.

At this point, the grease may come out of the dust boot, but it should be wiped clean. Install the tire and finish the work.

The noise has stopped! The culprit is an upper arm ball joint.

The noise has completely stopped! The culprit is an upper arm ball joint that’s out of grease!

I thought it was the power steering pump as it was a noise limited to turning the steering wheel.

But thank goodness the first thing I suspected about the other parts was the upper arm ball joint!

The front of the Delica Space Gear has a double wishbone shaped suspension with ball joints above and below the knuckles. But they’ve been given a caster angle and camber angle, so the ball joints move when you turn the steering wheel when you stop! I guess that’s why they make noise.

But this work was simply to “extend the life” of the ball joint, and it’s actually time to replace it. I think the price was about $50. If I had to do it, it would be $100 for both sides.

You have to be navel-gazing to get something done.

By the way, there is a “starting torque” on ball joints, and if the bolts on the removed ball joints move, you are completely out! The new ball joints are really hard to move. I think the starting torque was 5-7kg, I think.

I think just replacing 4 used ball joints, top, bottom, left and right, will make a huge difference in the ride.

I think I’ll do my homework for this year.