What is the key to avoiding a car accident? What do I need to watch out for so I can say goodbye to my car accident?

There are people who have never been in a traffic accident, aren’t there? I think those people are driving while paying attention to various things without realizing it.

It starts with an engine start.

I think people like that have an awareness of safety even before they get in the car.

For example, if you’re backing out of a parking space, take a quick look around you before you get in the car and ask if there are any children around. Or, how close to other cars are they? Do you see anything on the ground? What’s the tire pressure? I pay attention to the fact that

Please back up and park.


Park “backing up” as much as possible.

That way you can start the car without any problems. When my kids were born, I started backing up as much as possible. The reason for this is because there is a possibility that the child may be playing behind the wheel.

Kids want to play near their dad’s car, you know.

Driving in residential areas at a speed that allows you to stop at any time.

As I found out when I had my own children, they will run out without thinking. No matter how much I tell them, they will always run out into the road.

When they’re playing outside, it’s still good. When a car is coming, they get scared and dodge it like it’s an exaggeration. The most dangerous time is when they go out the front door.

At that point, they only think about “playing”, so they run out the front door like a rocket.

Be careful in residential areas.

Use the corner mirrors to the fullest.

Check the corner mirrors at curves and intersections with no traffic lights as much as possible while driving.

There are two intersections without traffic lights that often cause accidents on the way to work.

My route to work is a priority road, so I don’t have to stop for a moment. However, there are often drivers who pass that intersection from the side without stopping at all.

So I never trust other drivers and others.

Turn on the lights on a rainy day.

More and more people are turning on their headlights early in the evening these days. I’m the same way.

However, there are not many people who turn on their headlights on rainy days, but I strongly recommend that you do so.

Especially in the narrow streets of the city, visibility from the corner mirrors of oncoming vehicles is completely different.

Why not a small or fog light?

It’s better than not lighting up, but I think the headlights are appropriate because if the light level is low, a stopped driver might come out feeling like it’s still too far away.

Is it because modern cars turn on the backlight on the meter panel just by turning on the ignition? Many people don’t turn on their headlights when it’s dimly lit, but is your car easy for them to see your car, even if the gauges are easy to read? That’s never the case, so I recommend turning on your headlights.

Appropriate distance between vehicles

If the distance between cars is too short, of course it’s dangerous, but if it’s too long, you may be surprised when another car cuts in front of you.

The distance between cars should not be too long or too short.

As long as you keep a reasonable distance between cars, you can successfully avoid falling objects on the road and dead animals. Not only is the distance between cars too short, but I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with an oddly long distance between cars. I think.

By the way, I was driving behind a big truck and the traffic light at the intersection was already red! What an experience some of you may have had.

When driving behind a large truck, keep a reasonable distance between you and the truck so you can see the traffic lights.

If you stop behind a large truck in an intersection.

What do I do when I am about to turn right at an intersection and I get behind a large truck that is also trying to turn right?

In those situations, don’t move as soon as the truck starts to move.

It depends on the situation, but if you’re stopped inside the intersection, you can quickly exit the intersection with the truck whether the light is red or green, but if you’re stopped before the crosswalk, you don’t immediately follow the truck when it starts to move, and you don’t move until you see the light.

And when you see the traffic lights, should you proceed? Should we stop?

Determine the

Is it dangerous to pass?

Often you will see cars that stick to the car in front of you, and it’s probably because they want to go a little faster than the car in front.

Maybe the car behind it wants to go a little faster than the car ahead. If it were me, I’d pass them quickly.

I’m an overtaking-positive person. Each person has different senses and abilities, so I’m sure the speed you feel comfortable with is different.

That said, there are certain traffic rules to prevent accidents, but I don’t think the slowest person should be allowed to use public roads exclusively.

Whether you want to drive slowly or quickly, I think we all need to pass, overtake, and yield to each other in order to use the road comfortably.

Shall we overtake them? Or will you not overtake them?

Just because you approve of overtaking does not mean that you are allowed to overtake at any time.

When you consider the distance you have to travel from the start of overtaking to the completion of overtaking, it must be on a straight road where you can overtake with enough room to spare.

Furthermore, will you be okay with oncoming traffic? Overtake while thinking about it.

If it doesn’t look like you can safely pass, be patient and keep an appropriate distance between you and the car in front of you. Never agitate the car in front of you and wait for the next opportunity.

Agitation is dangerous.

Skilled drivers usually check their rearview mirrors as well, so if they think there’s not much distance between them and the car behind them, they’ll be more careful about turning right, left, and braking when they stop, but older or inexperienced drivers don’t look in their rearview mirror when they’re agitated, so they’ll brake suddenly without knowing they’re agitated.

Never assume that other people are as careful drivers as you are.

The car in front of me suddenly slows down.

If the car ahead of you feels that you’ve slowed down after being at a good pace a while ago and tries to pass you, be careful. There is a chance that the car ahead of you is nearing its destination.

People slow down when they get close to the destination, like I do. I don’t know why, but do they feel more comfortable?

When the pace slows down, the next action the car ahead of you takes is usually…stop, turn left, or turn right.

If it’s a stop or left turn, it might be fine, but what if it’s a right turn?

Sometimes it’s better not to pass them immediately and see what happens.

Sometimes it’s a bad idea to turn left on the car ahead of you.

Sometimes when the car ahead of you is turning left into a commercial parking lot, a car that is about to exit the parking lot may come out of the lot just as you are about to make a left turn.

Be careful if you pass the car ahead of you before it finishes its left turn.

I wouldn’t go near a wobbly guy.

Slowly going right, left… faster, slower…

Never go near these cars.

This is because there is a high probability that it is driven by an elderly person.

Elderly people don’t look at the speedometer, they don’t pay attention to their surroundings, and they don’t give indications of what they’re going to do (blinkers, hazards, etc.).

“They always turn and stop all of a sudden.”

Also, drivers of cars that behave like this are drunk drivers, or young but super weird, or drug addicts…

If you can easily overtake them, pass them if you can, or give up if you can’t, and follow them while keeping enough distance between you and the car.