Why does the L400 Delica Space Gear have so many “strange noises”? How to get rid of the noise and get younger

The undercarriage of the L400 Space Gear makes various noises, but why does it make so many strange noises from various parts of the undercarriage and why do various parts wear out? If you think about it in terms of humans. Poor posture, poor use of the legs, and undue strain on parts of the body. With that in mind for a moment, I did a L400 space gear alignment adjustment and the results were great, so I’ll let you know! It’s making noises all over the place. If you look at the access analysis of this site, the search term “L400 space gear noise” is what you will see. This car may be one of those rare cars that is really bothered by noise from the suspension. There is no end to the topics around here on other sites. I’ve been bothered by these noises myself. The source of the noise is usually the front suspension sway link or the upper arm & ball joint. What’s causing the noise? Why are there strange noises coming from the undercarriage? When you think about it, it’s the stabilizer links and ball joints that cause it, but if you think about it […]

Replacing the shock absorbers behind the L400 Delica Space Gear

Recently, I felt that the car was leaning a lot when going around curves, so I decided to replace the shock absorbers with ones I got from a friend. This is an article about how the feeling I got when I test drove the car after the replacement was more than I expected. Don’t think it’s easy to replace a rear shock. “I tend to think that the rear shocks are easy to put on and take off in a car without ECS, but when I tried it, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Personally, I found the front one to be easier. (I can do it sitting in a chair.) First of all, I had a hard time accessing the rear shock absorbers. As I’m a big guy, I didn’t feel like slipping under the floor with the normal ride height, so I had to use the spare tire and a garage jack to raise the car body a little bit to get under. Why did I jack up the spare tire? That said, when you jack up the differential, the hosings also go up and the shock absorbers become shorter. I wanted to make […]

L400 Repairing leaks in sliding doors and rear gate

The stains on the inside interior of the sliding doors had been bothering me for quite some time, so I decided to repair the caulking around the sliding doors and the heavily damaged rear hatch glass. Water seeping into the car through the sliding door? While I was washing my car in my neighbor’s GS, I heard a clattering sound coming from the sliding door area, so I moved to the back seat and saw that water was coming from the middle of the upper part of the glass of the sliding door! I’ve known for some time that water was leaking from somewhere in the sliding door, but this time I decided to take the plunge and caulk the gap between the glass and the door at the top of the sliding door because it was soaked to the lining of the sliding door. Weatherstripping may not be the cause of the leak At first, is it the rubber (weatherstripping) lining the sliding door opening? I ordered a part, but it is quite expensive. The one at the top of the opening is $30 for the real one, the one that goes all the way around costs $100, and […]