How to tune the suspension of L400? External shock absorber is not always good.

Have you ever put in a new set of shocks, only to be disappointed when you test drive it and find it too stiff? From such experience

This is a suggestion of “rear tuning for old guys”.

Here is my proposal.

That stock shock absorber is definitely out of date, isn’t it?

It’s an old car. There is no such thing as a new car. It’s probably wobbly and uncomfortable to drive.

If you look under the car, do you see the black stock shocks?

If it’s a stock shock, it’s probably dead. Are you thinking of replacing them with external shocks of some kind? Now you’re probably thinking, “What’s the best way to go?

External shock absorbers are usually harder.

Since the introduction of the Space Gear, it has been said that it shakes and rolls a lot, so most of the manufacturers of external shocks make shock absorbers to prevent this from happening.

So, what I’m wondering is whether harder shocks are really comfortable for everyone? I think so. Especially for people like me, who will be old in 10 years, do they really want a stiff suspension?

The goodness of genuine Mitsubishi shock absorbers and the goodness of external shock absorbers are incompatible.

I don’t hear many people praising the stock shocks, but I like them.

They do a great job of absorbing the thrust of the car, especially when going over slight bumps, while minimizing the shaking of the car.

If it’s not too old, the rolling isn’t too much of a problem. The drawbacks are

…they don’t last long.

On the other hand, with external shocks, when you ride up a bump, you will feel a push, but then the car will quickly level out.

The car body shakes only when it is pushed up. They also hold up better than stock shocks.

On the highway, crosswind, lane change, and curve, it does not shake, so you feel safe and stable, and less fatigue. But…

Old men are vulnerable to thrusts.

At work, he is pushed up by his subordinates, and when he returns home, he is pushed up by his wife and children. And even in your car.

・・・・ I don’t want to be pushed up!

In our age group, we are busy with work and family, and on top of that, we have to take care of our family and parents. When you get into your car after a long day of work

the most relieving moment.

That’s why we want to “relax” in our cars as a means of transportation. I’m sure there are many people who think that way.

If you’re young, strong, and motivated, driving a car may be an aggressive activity, or it may just be a means of transportation.

But what about people of our age?

The choice of Mitsubishi genuine shock absorbers

I think it’s possible.

Kayaba Industry, the same company that makes Mitsubishi’s original shock absorbers, sells New SR Special, which is a replacement shock for Mitsubishi’s original shock absorbers with 20% more damping force.

However, this shock also has a strong push-up feeling.

It’s not a big push-up feeling, but for a tired old man who has finally arrived at the car, it may be a little hard to feel.

However, the rolling and shaking of the car is still very small, especially on the highway.

It is very comfortable, and after driving

It’s very comfortable, especially on the highway.

However, if I had to be extravagant, I would say that I wish it was softer when it picks up a gap.

To be honest, there are times when I wonder if the new stock shocks would have been better. I’m sure there are times when you wonder if the new stock shocks would have been better.

“The concept of “tuning the rear only

“I wish I could keep the softness of the stock suspension and not have the car lean or shake.

The suspension tune that can satisfy my wish is

Stock shock + Rear Sway bar or

Front stock shocks + rear external shocks

I think this is the best choice. The strength of the spring is not only the front torsion bar and rear coil spring, but also the tension of the stabilizer.

Tension of sway bar

The sway bar tension also plays a part. If you replace the rear sway bar with external sway bar, the car will not lean, but it will become harder to ride when driving straight (I have experienced this with PF sway bar).

If you want to change the behavior of the car without changing the current situation, we recommend you to tune the rear suspension only.

What kind of shocks should I choose?

  1. The NEW SR Special is a genuine replacement type shock absorber made by Kayaba Industry, the same company that makes Mitsubishi’s genuine shock absorbers. The damping force is increased by 20%! My Jasper stock shocks are oil damped, but these are nitrogen gas filled.If I feel good after replacing the rear shocks only, will I go for the front shocks as well?
  2. Next up was the familiar Rancho RS9000XL. I think it has a lot of users among Space Gear riders. The main feature of this product is that it has adjustable damping force.According to the product description, when set to the lowest setting (1), it is “weaker than the original…”. I don’t have to worry about it being too stiff. I guess I can replace all four of them.

“I failed! Don’t panic if you think

When you first drive with a new shock absorber, you may think, “It’s too stiff! But after a little bit of driving, it will get better and better. Even genuine Mitsubishi shock absorbers are hard at first.

You have to be patient for 1,000km.

If you still feel a “thump” when you pick up a bump in the road, replacing the ball joint may be a big improvement.

The ball joint is the part that supports the knuckle at the end of the upper arm or lower arm, and if this part is worn out, the ball joint will easily move like “kaf kaf kaf.

In fact, this is a part that should not move so easily. According to data from an old Pajero I used to drive, the starting torque was between 8kg/cm and 35kg/cm. In other words, the ball joint is not something that can be easily moved by hand.

But that’s why it can absorb the shock from the wheel so well. In fact, it is one of the parts that should be replaced before the shock absorber.

The price of the upper arm ball joint was about ¥4800 and the lower arm ball joint was about ¥9800. The price may be a little higher now.