The good points of the late model L400. Step to rush out

It is a device equipped from the L400 of the Late model, and it is a device not seen by other companies.

The current D:5 is also available as an optional equipment.

There may be many people who thought that it would have been nice if the Early model L400 was equipped with this.

Steps for children and the elderly


This is one of the major differences from the Early model L400. The early model had one fixed step, but I couldn’t put it outside the width of the car, so it was hard to put my legs on it.

This makes it easy to get on and off even if the floor is high. My child wanted to sit in the passenger seat from an early age, but he always got in and out through the rear entrance.

by the way, this step can also cut the movement.

There is a switch on the instrument panel of the driver’s seat, so you can turn off autostep. I think it’s convenient to be able to turn it off when you don’t need the autostep operation.

Sometime it will break down, so early response is good

This kind of equipment makes me feel like it’s going to break, but my car wasn’t in trouble until it reached 200,000 kilometers. After traveling 220,000 km, the movement became poor and I went to a genuine parts dealer to buy the parts. Then

“This step is an assembly exchange”

I was told.

I repaired it myself, but honestly, I wish I could have worked on it sooner.

The cause of the bad movement was the rust inside the collar inside the step’s movable link.

Originally it seems that silicone grease was applied, but it seems that the grease was out. After all, since the rust was terrible, I searched for a used step and exchanged the color, but when I feel that the movement has become bad, if I make a repair immediately, the rust can easily go out without any color, so simply I think that you can also repair with grease UP.

The movement of steps is bad! Then, it is recommended that you take measures such as link grease up as soon as you feel it.