What about Delica L400?

Delica L400 D:4 What kind of car is the late diesel turbo?

The Delica L400 is a minivan with off-road performance like the Pajero and Land Cruiser, which are rare in the world.

The Delica L400 Diesel Turbo has the [early model] sold from 1994 to 1997 and the [late model] sold from 1997 to 2001.

From the outside, the only difference is that there is a [DELICA] logo between a part of the front grill and the tail lamp.

However, the engine and mission have been changed to AT, which has a lockup mechanism in the mechanical injection pump in the first model, and electronically controlled injection pump and electronically controlled mission in the latter model.

Along with that, the output also increased from 92 kW (125 PS) / 4000 rpm 294 Nm (217 lbft) / 2000 rpm to 103 kW (140 PS) / 4000 rpm 314 Nm (232 lbft) / 2000 rpm. Is changing

Maybe EGR is also electronically controlled. Also, the keyless is a key integrated type.

The biggest difference is the boarding step under the sliding door!Steps pop out when you open the slide door!

I think this was the most impressive

Which should I buy [early model] or [late model]?

The original model sold explosively due to its unique design and concept, but after that there were many defects and failures, and users moved away at once.

The latter model that was released was an excellent model that was sold by improving the defects and fragile parts of the first model, but it did not sell well.

We could not regain the trust we once lost.

Most of the L400 seen in the second-hand market are the early model, and the late model is rare because of the small number of individuals.

So what was the problem?

The biggest anxiety factor in the early type L400 DT is [stalling and starting failure].

Early engines may have defective injection pumps.

The injection pump needs to be attached and detached for repair, and if the injection pump is also replaced, it will cost about 1500 dollars.

Therefore, if you are considering purchasing a used Delica L400 Diesel Turbo from now on, I recommend the later model as much as possible.

4M40 and 1KZ comparison article

The 4M40 and 1KZ are almost even engines.

I made comparisons based on my own judgment and prejudice.

It may be helpful for those who are willing to buy and ride such an old car from now on.