Replacing the shock absorbers behind the L400 Delica Space Gear

Recently, I felt that the car was leaning a lot when going around curves, so I decided to replace the shock absorbers with ones I got from a friend.

This is an article about how the feeling I got when I test drove the car after the replacement was more than I expected.

Don’t think it’s easy to replace a rear shock.

“I tend to think that the rear shocks are easy to put on and take off in a car without ECS, but when I tried it, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

Personally, I found the front one to be easier. (I can do it sitting in a chair.)

First of all, I had a hard time accessing the rear shock absorbers.

As I’m a big guy, I didn’t feel like slipping under the floor with the normal ride height, so I had to use the spare tire and a garage jack to raise the car body a little bit to get under.

Why did I jack up the spare tire? That said, when you jack up the differential, the hosings also go up and the shock absorbers become shorter.

I wanted to make sure that the shock absorber is extended because it is difficult to remove and install when it is short.

Nice pivoting ratchet!

For the rear shock, after removing the nuts, slide the upper part to the front and the lower part to the back.

The driver’s side is easy, but the passenger side?

Once the nut is loosened, all you have to do is remove the old shock and put in the new one, but the lateral rod on the passenger side is in the way and won’t come off easily. That’s why you don’t try to take off the passenger side shock one side at a time, you have to slide it off at the same time. If there is any rust on the collars and bolts when you remove the old shocks, applying a little silicon grease or something similar to prepare for the next replacement should make the next replacement a lot smoother.

I had a bad experience with a 17mm bolt under the front shock that stuck and I didn’t do this.

By the way, new shock absorbers, especially single-tube shocks like Bilstein’s, have a strong resilience, so they can stretch ・・・・ on their own.

So the replacement process may be harder than you think.

I like the new shock absorbers.

I knew the new shock absorbers would be nice.

I knew it was out.

The other day I only changed the front shocks and they improved the swaying from side to side and leaning in curves, but I was suffering from a weird swaying in general that I had never experienced before, but now it’s very comfortable.

In the past, when the stock shock absorbers were still new, I received them from a friend and changed them only at the rear, and I remember that the ride quality was greatly improved as the shock absorbers suppressed the movement of the vehicle in curves and on rough roads.

So, we thought, “How good would it be if we changed the front shock absorber as well?

When I changed the front shock absorbers as well, the ride quality became so hard that I had to go back to the stock ones after all.

If you want to keep the softness of the stock shock absorber, but keep the body leaning in the curves, this is the way to go.

“Only in the back is the external shock absorber.”

I thought that was a good combination.