Recommended External Shock Absorbers and Features of L400 Delica Space Gear

When I replaced the shocks on my L400 Delica Space Gear and drove it, I was like, “I didn’t know it was such a good car! I think you’ll be impressed.

The most popular and powerful in the world? Bilstein.

It’s the famous Bilstein, the external shock for Space Gear!

The stability of the car seems to be excellent, especially when cornering and driving at high speed.

The car feels lighter in the curves if the car is not tilted. Even when you turn the steering wheel, the car just feels like it’s going to sputter! You can feel a sharp cut and no centrifugal force, so driving fatigue is drastically reduced (the best feature of the hard shocks).

The shaking of the car body is quite scary when you change lanes on the highway with old shock absorbers. The Bilstein will make that big body of yours go by with ease in any situation!

KYB New SR Special, an evolution of the stock shock

These are genuine replacement type shock absorbers from Kayaba Industry, the genuine shock manufacturer. What’s interesting is that they are cheaper than buying all 4 of the stock shocks! (^^)

Stock oil damper is a normal oil damper, whereas this one [with nitrogen gas].
Not averse to the stock ride. Simply want to improve the ride! I need to make the ride more shifty! These shocks are perfect for those people.

It’s fun to choose these shocks if your stock shocks aren’t up to snuff.

The familiar ProComp ES9000

I haven’t used it, but the best part about it is the 10 speed sensitive valves with twin tubes. The twin tube is supposed to be soft, but does it mean that the valve opens and closes according to the speed of the single tube and the twin tube? It’s a simple and amazing mechanism. Huh? Come to think of it, there used to be a monotube called the MX-6, but you had to change the hardness manually, didn’t you? You mean it’s now automatic? And I don’t think it’s too hard because it’s a twin tube. It’s a great product.

Many users of Rancho RS9000XL

There are a lot of people using the Rancho with L400 delica space gear.

They’ve been getting rave reviews for a long time. I liked the mechanism that made it easy to change the damping force. The Rancho is a twin-tube high-pressure gas-filled shock. The gas is also a special kind of nitrogen gas, not nitrogen gas.

They say that the softest setting makes them softer than the stock shocks!

“I’m afraid the external shocks are too hard…

I think it’s good for people who are oriented towards this.

Rancho has had a model that can be used for vehicles that have been lifted for some time, so it was popular in that sense as well. Of course, it’s still good now – Rancho!

New shock absorbers. Hard at first.

You’d think that with new shock absorbers, you’d immediately enjoy the dreamy steering and ride, but that’s not the case.

New shock absorbers seem to feel stiff at first. They need to be broken in until you get them working properly.

It is said that it takes about 1000km to get to a good condition.

Don’t be discouraged if the steering or ride quality is different from what you imagined after installation, please take your time and drive.