L400 Delica Space Gear shock absorber replacement. Tinkering with the undercarriage of a waist-high L400 Delica is a great pastime!

The L400 Delica Space Gear has a high seat position and a long stroke. Just changing the shocks on the Delica can completely change the ride quality.

There are few DIYs as exciting as replacing a shock absorber on an L400.

I’ve tried the stock shocks that were given to me and the used Monroe and Rancho shocks, and it was interesting to see the in-play after they were all replaced.

I don’t know if there’s any DIY project that allows you to enjoy the changes in your car as much as replacing the shocks. Driving with old shocks is tiring because of the shaking of the car, and more importantly, it’s not fun to drive.

When I change the shocks to new ones, I get into the car and patrol the area even though I don’t have anything to do with it (^^)

Replacing the shocks on this car is not too difficult, so it might be worth a DIY challenge.

Unlike struts, it’s just a simple shock replacement.

If you feel like “the car is shaking a lot lately” or “the ride quality is getting worse”, you should definitely change the shocks.

The best part of replacing the shock is cornering.

Any shocks will make you grin when you turn at an intersection, etc. after replacing them. The car doesn’t lean anymore. The body of the car doesn’t lean anymore.

The centrifugal force pushes the body outward, and it’s a pity to see the heads of the people in the back seat moving around in the rear view mirror.

But if the car doesn’t tilt, you can turn the handlebars quickly and easily, and you don’t feel the centrifugal force so much. So you can turn quickly.

The space gears have a longer stroke than a passenger car because of the cross-country specifications! So maybe it’s inevitable that it will shake and lean, but when you’re driving around town, you want it to be crisp, not yuza-yuza-yuza.

Buy a shock absorber… wait a minute! But first, the sway bar bushings.

The car will shake.
“Leaning on the curve.

If you’re wondering if you have no choice but to replace the shocks, I recommend replacing the [stabilizer bushings] before you buy the shocks.

This is the rubber part that holds the stabilizer, but if the gap between the stabilizer and the bushings is not enough, the car will shake or lean.

I’ve already replaced it 3 times so far. The bushings themselves are cheap, so I’m willing to replace them every year.

Have you forgotten the air pressure? It has a lot to do with the ride!

Space Gear tires have a flatness ratio of 80, and the cushioning effect of the tires is also large. The ride quality is also very different depending on the type of tire and air pressure.

I used to use 2.4kg/cm or 2.7kg/cm of air pressure, but I changed the air pressure to 2.0kg/cm in the front and 1.8kg/cm in the rear because the handlebars would get caught in the ruts on the road.

It runs straighter and rides better!

Therefore, we recommend you to check the air pressure before you buy a shock absorber.

If you are still dissatisfied with the ride and steering feel after replacing the sway bar bushings and checking the air pressure, then it’s time to replace the shock abs.

Surprisingly, just changing the air pressure and sway bar bushings may bring you to a satisfactory level.

In my case, that was when I just bought this car (laughs).

A car doesn’t have to cost a surprising amount of money to make a difference.

Pay attention to the type of shock absorber.

If you’re buying the original Mitsubishi shock absorbers that came with your L400 Space Gear, it may not be too much of a problem, but sometimes the external shock absorbers are cheaper than the original Mitsubishi shock absorbers.

If you’re interested in external shock absorbers, be careful.

And a stiffer or softer ride, or one that is adjustable.

As you can see, there are many different types available. If you’re not sure about them, you should consult with the shop staff before you buy them.

On the next page, we will introduce some typical types of shock absorbers for your reference.