Can I trade in the L400? Don’t be lied to by car dealers and gringos.

The world of automobiles is a very special world. Especially since old cars used to be just clunkers in the past, but nowadays foreigners come all the way to Japan to look for them!

Can’t sell an old car?

In Japan, a car that is “10 years old” or “over 100,000 km” is not usually traded in.

Space Gears can still sell. In fact, a Space Gear V6 petrol car is selling for roughly $4,000 or so at your local car auction house. (As of March 2015) A diesel would probably cost more.

One of the reasons it’s priced so high is that the engine in this car is the same engine as the Pajero sold all over the world. I’m sure there are still a lot of people in the world who drive the old Pajero and L400.

What if it’s old and overdriven?

It doesn’t matter. Because there are not only used car dealers, but also dismantlers and exporters at the auto auction.

They don’t care if it’s a “low model year” or “over 200,000km” car. What they’re thinking about is whether there’s a demand for them outside of Japan. It’s just.

Why does an “old car that’s been driven too far” sell?

What the Japanese call “low model year” or “overdriving” is nothing to foreigners.

In Australia, for example, Japanese cars are popular, but in Australia, they are generally…

They use 400,000 miles on it.

That’s why cars that are scrapped in Japan after 100,000 miles or so are very popular overseas as used cars and as good quality parts.

Can you sell any Japanese car?

Can you sell any Japanese car? That is not the case by any means. There are cars that sell and cars that don’t sell.

What kind of cars sell? This is a model that was exported to many foreign countries.

No matter how popular a car is in Japan, if it doesn’t exist overseas, it won’t sell.

This is why cars exported to many foreign countries are so popular with buyers.

What types of cars are most popular?

Unlike Japan, many other countries have poor road conditions.

So naturally, the “XC 4WD cars” are very popular.

The others are wagons such as the Hiace.

Passenger cars such as the Corolla, which have been exported in large numbers for many years, are also popular.

In any case, it is the “diesel-powered cars” that are more expensive.

Why are diesel engines so expensive?

The situation differs slightly from one country to another, but the old diesel engines were made more robust due to the compression ratio, so they lasted longer and were more economical in terms of fuel cost.

As a special example, I heard that not long ago in Thailand, diesel engines were converted to “gas engines”.

Nowadays, the policy has been changed and the price of gas, diesel and gasoline have become the same, so the conversion of diesel engines to gas engines is no longer practiced, but in a sense, there is a great technology in other countries.

Where is the L400 going?

The L400 isn’t driven as a car, it’s dismantled and the engine and undercarriage are sold as Pajero parts.

The L400 had basically the same engine and undercarriage as the Pajero until the D:4.

However, if you look closely, the location of the engine mount and the shape of the oil pan are different from the Pajero, so the price of the space gears seems to be a bit lower for the same engine type.

How much does it end up selling for?

It’s hard to say for sure, as it varies greatly from vendor to vendor and buyer to buyer, but I think you can get $500 to $1,000 for a low year and over-mileage car.

Even if the car is in an accident, the engine due to the impact of the accident.
The price will remain the same if there is no damage to Because what they want is the engine and the undercarriage.

By the way, a major scrap dealer can buy a car for about 20,000 to 30,000 yen as scrap value even if you don’t care about the value of the car, so if the salesman says, “Shall I dispose of it for free? Let’s not be fooled by the words “I’m not a fan of the

If you’re scrapping your car, you’ll get a car and weight tax refund.

In Japan, when you scrap your car, you will be reimbursed for the car tax, weight tax paid at the last vehicle inspection, and liability insurance for the period of time you were unable to drive it.

For example, if you have an accident a few months after getting your car inspected, and you get a dismantler to buy your space gear for $500, and you ask for a “weight tax refund” at that time, you can get a refund for the period of time you can’t drive your car.

500 for the car plus $500 in vehicle tax plus $500 in weight tax
+ $200 in liability insurance (all amounts are approximate)

That leaves you with roughly $1,700 or so. Of course, the shorter the remaining inspection period, the smaller the amount of money will be, but it’s a pretty big amount of money, isn’t it?

By the way, you cannot receive a refund for the weight tax unless you apply for the refund with the necessary documents after the car is dismantled, so it is advisable to tell the dealer who bought your car that you want a refund for the weight tax.

Who can I sell to to get the best price?

Actually, this may be the most difficult problem.

You may want to find a demolition company or buyer and get a quote for each house, but you could also use the internet’s “bulk quote”.

I once broke my 1994 Pajero Short in an accident, and I sold it off using the Internet’s one-stop quote service.

The purchase price at that time was very reasonable, so I recommend it.

By the way, when I asked where the broken Pajero was going, they said they were going to repair it and export it to the UK.

‘Why England?’ But if you think about it, England is one of the few countries where people drive on the left side of the road.