Good points of the late model L400

I know that some people dislike the L400, but it has the charm that only people who ride it can understand, so on this page, I wrote only the things that people who are riding know as “good points.” World’s only OFF ROAD minivan There aren’t many minivans that can be used as is in a rally, but the L400 has been working as a Pajero support car for generations such as the Paris, Dakar, and Rally. Perhaps because of that, Delica has been given the same engine and undercarriage as Pajero. (Maybe there was no rally in this D:4 only) Engine and mission that overcome the shortcomings of the previous model Previously I was riding a Pajero equipped with the 4M40, so it will be a comparison with the previous model, Good start It will be the effect of electronic control mission. The start-up is completely improved. If you step on the accelerator while the vehicle is stopped, you will run at a tremendous momentum that you cannot imagine from the vehicle body. Power is going up The previous model also ran reasonably well, but I felt lacking in power when running at high speed with an air conditioner […]

The good points of the late model L400. Step to rush out

It is a device equipped from the L400 of the Late model, and it is a device not seen by other companies. The current D:5 is also available as an optional equipment. There may be many people who thought that it would have been nice if the Early model L400 was equipped with this. Steps for children and the elderly DSCF0031 This is one of the major differences from the Early model L400. The early model had one fixed step, but I couldn’t put it outside the width of the car, so it was hard to put my legs on it. This makes it easy to get on and off even if the floor is high. My child wanted to sit in the passenger seat from an early age, but he always got in and out through the rear entrance. by the way, this step can also cut the movement. There is a switch on the instrument panel of the driver’s seat, so you can turn off autostep. I think it’s convenient to be able to turn it off when you don’t need the autostep operation. Sometime it will break down, so early response is good This kind of equipment […]

Comparison of late type 4M40 L400 and 1KZ Hiace

Both engines have the same horsepower but different types The 4M40 and 1KZ are the last high-spec engines for low-pressure injection pump diesel engines that are still old. The engines that appear after this are all direct injection engines of high-pressure injection pumps. Well, I think it’s better to say that it is the difference between missions rather than the engine characteristics. Roughly speaking 1KZ is high-speed type 4M40 is STOP & GO I feel that. Hiace is better for highways. On the contrary, in urban areas, L400 feels lighter. Quiet performance? The difference in cam drive system is obvious! 1KZ is a timing belt and 4M40 is a chain. Due to this difference, when idling, 1KZ of mechanical noise heard outside the vehicle is quiet! This difference is big. Especially, the mechanical noise outside the vehicle when idling is overwhelmingly quiet at 1KZ! Of course, the properly maintained 4M40 isn’t noisy, but it’s different than the 1KZ. When asked, “What is the quiet performance inside the vehicle while driving?” After all, Hiace is quieter. But the L400 is also quieter than you can imagine from the mechanical noise during idling! I think it is a satisfactory level. Hiace is […]

Impressions of riding the first half model and the second half model | The good thing about the second half is here!

The biggest difference between the early model and the latter model is the running performance The running is totally different! I was on the “Pajero” of the previous model 4M40 engine, so I can clearly see the difference.First・・・ [Starting] Is different. The early model 4M40 engine has poor initial acceleration. At that time, I tried to change the ATF or try using an additive of ATF, but I could not improve it. And the other [Later model 4M40 engine has no speed range where acceleration is not good]   With the 4M40 engine of the previous model, the speed was too fast to kick down to low gear even if the accelerator was fully opened at about 40km/h, and it did not kick down. Even if you step on the accelerator about 80 to 90% at 80 km/h, you try to accelerate at OD. Since the acceleration is not enough, if the accelerator is set to 100%, it will kick down to 3rd speed, but this time the engine speed is too high and the feeling of acceleration does not change so much. However, in the latter 4M40 engine, even in the speed range where the earlier 4M40 engine was […]

What about Delica L400?

Delica L400 D:4 What kind of car is the late diesel turbo? The Delica L400 is a minivan with off-road performance like the Pajero and Land Cruiser, which are rare in the world. The Delica L400 Diesel Turbo has the [early model] sold from 1994 to 1997 and the [late model] sold from 1997 to 2001. From the outside, the only difference is that there is a [DELICA] logo between a part of the front grill and the tail lamp. However, the engine and mission have been changed to AT, which has a lockup mechanism in the mechanical injection pump in the first model, and electronically controlled injection pump and electronically controlled mission in the latter model. Along with that, the output also increased from 92 kW (125 PS) / 4000 rpm 294 Nm (217 lbft) / 2000 rpm to 103 kW (140 PS) / 4000 rpm 314 Nm (232 lbft) / 2000 rpm. Is changing Maybe EGR is also electronically controlled. Also, the keyless is a key integrated type. The biggest difference is the boarding step under the sliding door!Steps pop out when you open the slide door! I think this was the most impressive Which should I buy […]