Recommended External Shock Absorbers and Features of L400 Delica Space Gear

When I replaced the shocks on my L400 Delica Space Gear and drove it, I was like, “I didn’t know it was such a good car! I think you’ll be impressed. The most popular and powerful in the world? Bilstein. It’s the famous Bilstein, the external shock for Space Gear! The stability of the car seems to be excellent, especially when cornering and driving at high speed. The car feels lighter in the curves if the car is not tilted. Even when you turn the steering wheel, the car just feels like it’s going to sputter! You can feel a sharp cut and no centrifugal force, so driving fatigue is drastically reduced (the best feature of the hard shocks). The shaking of the car body is quite scary when you change lanes on the highway with old shock absorbers. The Bilstein will make that big body of yours go by with ease in any situation! KYB New SR Special, an evolution of the stock shock These are genuine replacement type shock absorbers from Kayaba Industry, the genuine shock manufacturer. What’s interesting is that they are cheaper than buying all 4 of the stock shocks! (^^) Stock oil damper is a […]

L400 Delica Space Gear shock absorber replacement. Tinkering with the undercarriage of a waist-high L400 Delica is a great pastime!

The L400 Delica Space Gear has a high seat position and a long stroke. Just changing the shocks on the Delica can completely change the ride quality. There are few DIYs as exciting as replacing a shock absorber on an L400. I’ve tried the stock shocks that were given to me and the used Monroe and Rancho shocks, and it was interesting to see the in-play after they were all replaced. I don’t know if there’s any DIY project that allows you to enjoy the changes in your car as much as replacing the shocks. Driving with old shocks is tiring because of the shaking of the car, and more importantly, it’s not fun to drive. When I change the shocks to new ones, I get into the car and patrol the area even though I don’t have anything to do with it (^^) Replacing the shocks on this car is not too difficult, so it might be worth a DIY challenge. Unlike struts, it’s just a simple shock replacement. If you feel like “the car is shaking a lot lately” or “the ride quality is getting worse”, you should definitely change the shocks. The best part of replacing the […]

L400 Space Gear tires and alignment are best specified by the manufacturer! The reason for this is.

Ride quality, steering feel, and tire reduction I think a lot of people have to wrack their brains over tire choice, pressure, etc. for these three things. I was one of those people. One of those? Yeah, I did. I’ve finally graduated from those worries. The alignment adjustment the other day gave me the inspiration to drive with an alignment that is closer to the stock values, and I’ve been able to adjust the tire pressure to the stock value. Front: 2.0 Rear: 1.8 to. There were only advantages. So let me talk about tire alignment, pressure, and other tire-related conditions here again. 225/80R/15 is in short supply! I guess there is no demand for this size. If you look for it, you’ll see that it’s quite scarce. Well, if you don’t have this size, I’d be fine with 30×9.5R15 or 235/75R15. Originally, this 225/80R15 was a rare size ・・・・. Is it just space gear? If you stick with this size, you may have less and less choice in the future. If you’re commuting or highway use, the vertically dug groove design is quiet. The L400 Space Gear comes with a standard [all-season] tire. It’s a tire that claims to […]

L400 Space Gear Oil Management|Is expensive oil better? Or cheap oil? Which one do you want?

Changing the oil is a bit of a hassle, but if you do it right, you can ride forever. I’ve written about how I feel about it. Spend as little money as possible and keep it in the best condition possible. If you change the expensive oil often enough, of course you’ll always get the best condition. But… I’m not willing to spend precious money in hot water on a car that is just a tool to get around. More importantly, how nice it would be if I could keep it in tip-top condition without spending a dime! I wrote down the cost of maintaining the car in order of most expensive. Fuel cost -> tires -> oil In that order, I think. This page is about that my own oil management. The 4M40 engine is nervous about oil contamination. Compared to other diesel and gasoline engines, the 4M40 diesel engine seems to react more severely to oil degradation with mechanical noise. I mean, when the oil gets dirty, it gets noisy as soon as it gets dirty. I’ve tried a lot of high quality oils and high quality oil additives, but to be frank, I don’t think there is […]

L400 Space Gear Wheel Alignment Adjustment and Working Edition

I’ll keep the current data. Always measure on a “flat surface”. If you don’t have a flat place, you can use the horizontal line of the laser marking machine and put a plywood or something on a low place to make it level. My wheel has a “hub cap”, so I shot the laser beam parallel to the car body at about 100mm from the hub cap, and measured the distance from the laser beam to the wheel on both the driver’s side and the passenger’s side. Driver’s side : 1mm out Passenger side: 3mm in TOTAL: 2 mm toe-in camber Driver’s side: 10mm negative Passenger side: 6mm negative TOTAL: 16mm Negative That’s the result! This is a completely messed up number! (especially camber) It’s no wonder the steering feel is so wrong with this one. I don’t know when I went crazy like this… Start working to achieve the specified toe and camber values of 0!   Fixing the Camber|Laying down the aluminum wheels Alignment must be adjusted with “grounded”, but it’s too small to work with when the car is normally stopped, so I jacked up the car with a garage jack and put the aluminum wheel without […]

L400 Wheel Alignment Adjustment|Riding comfort, steering feel, and road noise all improved!

You shouldn’t think, “I haven’t messed with it since I bought it, so it can’t be that crazy. Mine was crazy from the beginning. What is wheel alignment? “Wheel alignment” refers to the direction and position of the tires. With proper alignment, there is less fatigue from driving due to moderate straight-line performance and cornering performance and other steering stability. However, if the alignment is out of alignment… Since you can’t take your hands off the handlebars for a second, you get tired easily and your tires wear out on one side. In the case of space gears, premature wear and tear on the undercarriage components can also cause noise. Why do I need to check the wheel alignment? Automobiles are made so that the alignment can be adjusted originally, and they are fixed with bolts at the specified value when new, but since they are only bolted, there is a chance that they may shift with strong impacts. Furthermore, as the vehicle gets older, the spring will weaken in its ability to lift the vehicle and the height of the vehicle will be lowered. This will naturally cause the car’s suspension settings to become out of whack. “If you’ve […]

L400 Space Gear front upper arm ball joint grease up

This front upper arm ball joint is the weak point of the L400 Space Gear. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last 200,000km. If you hear a squeaking sound like a violin when turning or leaning at an intersection, it is probably because the front upper arm ball joint is worn out. It’s okay to replace them, but it costs about $50 each, and $100 for two? Well, it’s probably cheaper to grease it up before it starts making noise. When I turn the steering wheel, I hear an odd “squeak” sound. I started to hear an odd “squeaking” noise when exiting the parking lot, parking, and turning at intersections. Within a few days, the noise got louder and I thought, “Is it an air bite in the power steering pump?”. Because the power steering fluid was just short of the lower limit of the power steering fluid from the time I bought this car, so I wondered if air had gotten into the car without me knowing it. I thought. And since the noise only comes out when I move the steering wheel, I figured it was probably the power steering pump, steering shaft, rack, or something else. Venting a power steering […]

L400 hub bearing replacement (front). You have to use special grease for the hub bearings!

The L400 Space Gear is a great way to replace the hub bearings without the need for special machinery. What is a hub bearing? These bearings are used to turn the wheel smoothly. In the case of this car, the disc rotor is rigidly attached to the hub by bolt and nut. Since the hub is the part that puts the most weight on the car, the load on the bearing is also heavy, but the durability of the bearing is high and usually the part can last 200,000-300,000km without replacement. Normally, 2 to 3 bearings are used in a car. How difficult is it to replace a hub bearing? Some cars require special tools or a hydraulic press, but this L400 space gear was done as a DIY project without any special tools. However, if you order a new hub bearing, it comes with the outer race as well as the hub bearing, but the difficult part for me was replacing the outer race of the bearing (the metal ring that receives the bearing). The inner side was press-fitted using the outer race that I removed, and the outer side was press-fitted using a large impact socket (for the […]

Inspection and Maintenance of Brakes|Daily maintenance of brakes may be dangerous for amateurs, especially for brakes

I thought I might as well just look at the condition of the tires and brake pads, but I didn’t want to get into changing the pads or even the slide pins… The promise of a tire change. In early winter and early spring, I jack up the tires and remove them, so I check the thickness of the brake pads and the cracks and rust on the rubber dust boots at the joints. This time, I decided to replace the brake pads and grease up the slide pins, which I had felt the limits of six months ago, while changing the tires.   If you remove the slide pin, the caliper comes off. The slide pin is hard, but if you hit it with a hammer using a spectacle wrench, it will be loosened very easily. Once it is loose, you can use a ratchet to loosen it. By the way, in the rear, a gear wrench would have been handy as there are a lot of things that get in the way. Be careful how you attach the pad. There are two types of brake pads, one has a thin steel plate which is supposed to prevent squeal, […]

L400 Repairing leaks in sliding doors and rear gate

The stains on the inside interior of the sliding doors had been bothering me for quite some time, so I decided to repair the caulking around the sliding doors and the heavily damaged rear hatch glass. Water seeping into the car through the sliding door? While I was washing my car in my neighbor’s GS, I heard a clattering sound coming from the sliding door area, so I moved to the back seat and saw that water was coming from the middle of the upper part of the glass of the sliding door! I’ve known for some time that water was leaking from somewhere in the sliding door, but this time I decided to take the plunge and caulk the gap between the glass and the door at the top of the sliding door because it was soaked to the lining of the sliding door. Weatherstripping may not be the cause of the leak At first, is it the rubber (weatherstripping) lining the sliding door opening? I ordered a part, but it is quite expensive. The one at the top of the opening is $30 for the real one, the one that goes all the way around costs $100, and […]