L400 Space Gear Oil Management|Is expensive oil better? Or cheap oil? Which one do you want?

Changing the oil is a bit of a hassle, but if you do it right, you can ride forever. I’ve written about how I feel about it.

Spend as little money as possible and keep it in the best condition possible.

If you change the expensive oil often enough, of course you’ll always get the best condition. But…

I’m not willing to spend precious money in hot water on a car that is just a tool to get around.

More importantly, how nice it would be if I could keep it in tip-top condition without spending a dime!

I wrote down the cost of maintaining the car in order of most expensive.

Fuel cost -> tires -> oil

In that order, I think. This page is about that my own oil management.

The 4M40 engine is nervous about oil contamination.

Compared to other diesel and gasoline engines, the 4M40 diesel engine seems to react more severely to oil degradation with mechanical noise.

I mean, when the oil gets dirty, it gets noisy as soon as it gets dirty.

I’ve tried a lot of high quality oils and high quality oil additives, but to be frank, I don’t think there is any oil that can support the 4M40 well into 5,000km. So we concluded

Change any oil as soon as possible!

I came to this conclusion.

The best thing right now is to change it every 2,000km with cheap oil!

I’ve tried a lot of stock oil, stock oil from other companies, famous and expensive oil, etc. It’s definitely good when I put it in. But does it last for 5,000km? It’s hard to say.

I feel that I can drive comfortably if I change the cheap oil at about 2,000km rather than use the oil that costs 10,000 to 20,000 yen in a pail, which I have to endure up to 5,000km.

Of course, it depends on the degree of the car. If it still has less than 150,000km on the odometer, you may be reasonably happy with whatever oil you use.

However, if the mileage is over 200,000 km and you don’t warm up the car or you hear a knocking noise when the oil gets dirty, I would recommend a frequent oil change.

If you’re using expensive oil on an over-motorized car, I recommend 40W or more.

After all, the diesel engines we drive are old, tired diesel engines, not eco-cars.

I’m not so sure about the silky engine oil that you would use for an eco-car in an engine like the 4M40.

I suspect that if you put eco-car engine oil in the 4M40, some of the oil would come up as blow-by oil (I’ve never put it in).

I think what you need for 4M40 is a sticky oil.

An oil that is still resistant to high temperatures. Then 10W-30 might not be enough.

I still want 40W for high temperature resistance…but oil suddenly becomes more expensive at 40 and above.

But I guess I don’t have a choice.

The oil you shouldn’t buy the most is the expensive 10W-30.

I’ve never been satisfied with this kind of oil before.

Buy engine oil in drums.

Everything is cheaper when bought in bulk.

It’s the same with oil. I drive about 2000km per month, so I have to change oil every month.

The amount of oil change is about 6.5 liters per month, so I need to change about 80 liters per year, or 160 liters in two years.

By the way, my acquaintance who is the president of a construction company changes oil in the car of the company every 2000km with single grade engine oil for buckhorn.

All of the cars are still going strong, even with over 400,000km on them.