A young woman suffering from a broken cervical vertebrae, unable to move in her own body

There are all sorts of car accidents in this world, but when are we going to have one? You don’t know if you’ll be a party to that, do you? Here’s a story I heard the other day from an insurance company about a very miserable young woman.

I was accidentally put in an uninsured car!

The accident occurred after work hours when a co-worker, a 22-year-old woman, was a passenger in a car driven by a 24-year-old male office worker for the purpose of private transportation.

It was a dimly lit, rainy dusk on a two-lane, single-lane national highway with a median strip.

The passenger car driven by the man crossed the median strip into the opposite lane, and the passenger side of the car collided with a utility pole on the opposite side of the road.

The driver of the car was injured, but the woman who was a passenger in the car was in critical condition and unconscious.

Sometimes it’s best not to move an injured person.

In fact, her neck bone was fractured in a complex way at this time.

The man and a passing truck driver took the unconscious woman’s arms and legs and pulled her out of the car and carried her to the sidewalk.

In the end, it is undeniable that this act may have caused her to suffer fatal permanent injuries.

Lifelong “Head Hanging Humanoid”

After about a week, the woman regained consciousness. During that time, she underwent two surgeries, which saved her life, but her motor functions from the neck down were paralyzed. Her cervical vertebrae could not be restored and she was unable to support her head on her own, so she had to use a device to suspend her head from above. His parents were told by the doctors that it would be difficult for him to recover any further.

Her normal life of working, dating her boyfriend, getting married, having a baby, and becoming a grandmother was gone from her in a momentary accident.

The company fired him. Wife divorced.

The man was fired because of that car accident.

The man and his wife had a newborn child, but they divorced.

Nowadays, there seems to be no contact with him.

The woman’s family was in a bind because they were not receiving any payment from the other side, and her father consulted with my friend in charge of insurance at my company about what to do.

Benefits for passengers with liability insurance

In general, people tend to think that CALI insurance cannot be used in a “single-vehicle accident”, but it can be used to cover injuries to passengers in a single accident.

The man’s car was not covered by voluntary insurance, but since the car had not been inspected “out of inspection,” the company believed that CALI would be able to handle the accident and recommended that he file a claim with his insurance company.

This gave the woman’s parents some temporary relief from the current medical expenses.

You’ve got a long way to go.

But even if we manage to get out of the present, we still have a long way to go.

I can’t stay in the hospital forever. A special bed in her home, a wheelchair, a hanging device, renovation of the toilet and bath, rehabilitation, and more, and it’s endlessly expensive, but her income will go down because someone else in the family will have to stay on top of her.

No matter how much money she gets, it’s never “good enough”.

As time goes by, if she can’t accept herself for who she is now, she may think, “What am I doing in life?

In addition to worrying about money, you need to take care of her mind.

“The only way to take responsibility is with money.

No matter how much you apologize, no matter how sincerely you apologize, the last thing the bereaved and disabled need is money. Money is all we have.

Let me bring that boy back to life! I want my body back!

The victims and their families know that there is nothing they can do about it if they try to say “I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. However, I can’t help but say this.

What you can do to help a victim or family member who is in great pain and suffering is not an “apology” but money.

If there are many people driving today without insurance…

As long as you have voluntary insurance, you’ll be fine?

“It’s better than not having insurance.

Even the insurance company does not always “take care of everything”.

The payment of benefits by the insurance company is limited to a specified amount based on the percentage of fault in the accident and various cases. In other words

This accident left her “hanging for life,” but the insurance company won’t take care of her for the rest of her life.

Even if he had insurance…

Even if you have a voluntary insurance policy in place, you may be charged with driving without a license (including revocation), driving under the influence of alcohol, or driving with an expired automobile inspection.

“I hit you on purpose. You may not be able to use your insurance if you were “hit on purpose” or “hit by a car on purpose”.

Even if you are in good shape yourself, it would be a big problem if the other party in the accident is such a person, and it would be a big problem if you are inadvertently given a ride in such a person’s car and you are seriously injured.

You should be aware of this kind of thing not only when you are driving yourself but also when you are being picked up by someone else’s car.

Especially if you’ve had a drink and you get a bright red face and say, “I’ll give you a ride,” I would definitely refuse.