If you want to save money on car insurance, it’s a good idea to switch insurance companies

There are many ways to reduce the cost of car insurance, but the most effective way to do so is… to change insurance companies?

I don’t let anyone drive but me

Simply, if you decide that you are the only one who will drive, your insurance will be cheaper.

“Personal Only” and “Over 30 years old only” will make the premiums much cheaper.

If you change from a passenger car to L400, you will feel quite uncomfortable because of the height of the driver’s seat, and since the steering wheel angle is small, it is difficult to maneuver in a narrow parking lot, so not many families will want to drive it.

If you increase various limitations, you can save on the premiums.

Sometimes if someone in the family rides the L400

When your child gets a license and drives the L400.

You want to drive your car as soon as you get your license, but wait a minute. You need to change your car insurance policy before you can use it in the event of an accident.

If you set the age limit for car insurance as “all ages”, the premiums will suddenly increase.

When you get your license and buy a car

When you get your license and buy your own car for the first time in your life, if you get a new insurance policy for “new”, the premiums will probably be terribly high.

In this case, you should “take over your parents’ insurance grade.”

The insurance grade can be given to your spouse and a relative who lives with you. You can buy insurance at your parent’s insurance grade and have your parents buy a new insurance policy, with apologies to them.

This way, overall it may be cheaper than a freshly licensed person buying insurance.

Remove passenger disability insurance?

If you have bodily injury insurance, you can use it to pay for the passenger’s treatment and compensation, so it may not be too much of a problem if you remove the passenger insurance.

In addition, it seems that you can reduce your insurance premiums by dropping the maximum payment limit for personal injury insurance from “unlimited”.

It is true that in most cases, the judgment is tens of millions of yen even if the claim is over 100 million yen.

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Remove useless covenants.

“Lawyer’s clause” and “daily life indemnity insurance” are often included free with accident and fire insurance. You should check and remove the clause if it is duplicated.

Furthermore, you may want to consider the “loaner car rider rider rider”….

Unlike the dealership, regular repair shops usually have loaner cars, and if you can’t find a loaner car, you can talk to your insurance company and ask them to refer you to a repair shop that can provide a loaner car…

In fact, you can do whatever you want.

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Add a deductible to your car insurance.

If you have car insurance, you can use it to pay for repairs to your car in the event of an accident, but the cost of the insurance will be higher.

However, if you add “deductible” to the car insurance, the premiums will be much lower.

The deductible is the insurance company’s deductible, which means “co-payment”. For example, if your deductible is $500, and you are in a single accident where you hit your car against a guardrail and it cost you $1,500 to repair the car, the insurance company will pay you $1,000 because your deductible is $500, and you will have to pay the other $500.

The larger the deductible, the better.

A car insurance deductible might sound a bit disappointing to some people, but wait a minute.

Even if you have car insurance without a deductible, if it’s a small accident and the cost of repairing the car is less than 100,000 yen, I’d pay cash for it without insurance. The reason is that if you use your car insurance, your premiums will go up afterwards and you might lose money.

If it costs 200,000 to 300,000 yen, you would use car insurance to repair the car or scrap the car in an accident and buy another car. Unexpectedly, you don’t use car insurance, do you?

By the way, if your car is “treated as a total loss”, there is no deductible and the full amount will be paid out, and if the deductible is raised to about 100,000 yen, it is recommended that the insurance premium will be much cheaper.

Change insurance companies.

The insurance company is kind of like a cell phone company, so…

There’s little benefit to being with the same insurance company for a long time!

Property and casualty insurance companies are always offering attractive insurance products to attract customers, and even if you change insurance companies, your insurance rating will be retained, so you can keep your rating.

Best to change insurance companies unless there’s a special reason to do so!

Would you like to find an insurance company that matches your way of thinking on a one-stop search site?

Car insurance will be cheaper.

I think that car insurance should be rearranged according to one’s preferences.

But most people don’t understand the contents, so they leave it up to the insurer, and the insurer just presents the customer with a combination of products that are appropriate for them.

If you sort out what you don’t need or overlap with other insurance policies, such as passenger’s insurance and various special clauses, your premiums will be considerably lower than they are now, without a doubt.

It would be quite worthwhile to review and compare with other companies, especially if you’re over 30 years old or married.

Use the drive recorder.

In an accident where the other party is at fault, there is such a thing as a “percentage of fault,” but no matter what the percentage is, if you use the insurance, your insurance rating will drop by three.

If both parties are at fault, you may not have to worry so much about the percentage of fault. However, there are times when you want to insist on 10:0, right?

For example, you’re stopped and rear-ended from behind.
He was reversing in front of the car when it was stopped and reversed from the front
Side collision with a car coming out of a parking lot or other place right next to you while you were driving.

This is the amount that comes to mind when I think about it. In this situation, the other insurance company usually tries to avoid 10:0 at all costs.

I don’t know why, but that’s just the nature of being an insurer. But we can’t think of anything that we are responsible for, can we? First of all, if you use the insurance, even if you are not almost at fault, your insurance premiums will drop 3 grades and go up for 3 years.

You are the victim of an accident, but instead of being compensated, you will lose a lot of money.

Moreover, in such a case, the perpetrator may say something that is not true for some reason.

Therefore, it is necessary to prove reasonably that I am not at fault here, and I think that the driving recorder is indispensable equipment from now on because I think that it becomes a help in such a case for sure.

If you pay for it yourself, your insurance rating won’t go down.

When the fault in an accident is small, I’d rather not use my insurance and pay the other guy out of my own pocket! There is also a way to do this. By doing so, you prevent your insurance grade from being lowered.

However, even if a person with a high grade (20th grade 60% discount) becomes 17th grade (58% discount), the difference is only about 5,000, so if you have a high grade, you might want to use insurance.

By the way, you tend to think that the ratio of fault is “10-20%” but actually, “0.50%” is also possible.

Therefore, when you are about to be taken out of 10% even though you are not almost at fault

“Make it .50 percent!”

It’s also possible to negotiate with them and cut yourself a minimum amount of money without using insurance.