Comparison of late type 4M40 L400 and 1KZ Hiace

Both engines have the same horsepower but different types

The 4M40 and 1KZ are the last high-spec engines for low-pressure injection pump diesel engines that are still old. The engines that appear after this are all direct injection engines of high-pressure injection pumps.

Well, I think it’s better to say that it is the difference between missions rather than the engine characteristics.
Roughly speaking

1KZ is high-speed type 4M40 is STOP & GO

I feel that. Hiace is better for highways. On the contrary, in urban areas, L400 feels lighter.

Quiet performance? The difference in cam drive system is obvious!

1KZ is a timing belt and 4M40 is a chain. Due to this difference, when idling, 1KZ of mechanical noise heard outside the vehicle is quiet!

This difference is big.

Especially, the mechanical noise outside the vehicle when idling is overwhelmingly quiet at 1KZ!

Of course, the properly maintained 4M40 isn’t noisy, but it’s different than the 1KZ.

When asked, “What is the quiet performance inside the vehicle while driving?” After all, Hiace is quieter. But the L400 is also quieter than you can imagine from the mechanical noise during idling! I think it is a satisfactory level.

Hiace is better for riding comfort! Is the difference in shock absorbers the reason why you feel comfortable?

I’m riding a L400, so I’d like to say “L400 is good”…But after all it is good compared to the L400. 100 series Hiace.

I think it’s because the shock absorbers are different. Both are made of KYB, but the delica is an oil damper and the hiace is filled with nitrogen gas!

After all, I think it is better to have nitrogen gas. If L400 is also the highest grade Super Exceed, it contains nitrogen gas.

By the way, the 100 series Hiace was a “nitrogen gas filled” shock even in the SUPER GL class.

Is it related to ride comfort? Body balance

I paid attention to the [front axle weight] and [rear axle weight] described in the vehicle verification.
For my L400, the front axle weight is 1240kg and the rear axle weight is 780kg.
That means that the front axle is 460 kg heavier than the rear axle. So, I don’t remember the exact numbers, but I think that the 100 series Hiace had such a good balance between front and rear.

I think the ideal weight distribution before and after is 50:50. In other words, the smaller the difference in weight distribution between the front and the rear, the better driving performance and riding comfort. Because if all four wheels have the same ground pressure, even if one wheel crosses the hole, the wheel should not fall into the hole.

I wonder if the riding comfort is unavoidable because the basic structure is completely different. But is it just right if you get a full seat in the back seat?

But I rarely get a full seat in the back seat

As for the ease of use in the car, after all Hiace is superior

The 100 series Hiace allows three adults to sit side by side normally, but the L400 is narrower than that.
The L400 looks tall because it’s tall, but the inside of the car is similar to Toyota’s Town Ace or Nissan’s Serena.

The height of the floor is so high that the inside of the car is small, and my L400 is a low roof, so even if it looks large, the inside of the car feels small.

How is the running performance?

The Hiace is a high-speed cruising type, while the L400 is an off-road type.

If you try to run fast on a snowy road, you will drift, but I think that a car with four wheels computer controlled like Hiace may be difficult to drift like a race.

Hiace riders who have failed on snowy roads said, “When I tried to overtake in a situation where the road environment of the right and left wheels was different, the car turned for some reason.”

When accelerating under severe road conditions, the car tries to run straight, so it stabilizes, but for some reason…

The computer that controls the wheels may have misbehaved and behaved strangely.

So when driving on a harsh road, I think the L400 is much easier to control and has a sense of security.

Fuel economy is also better with L400

I think that the fuel economy of 4M40 was better than 2km 1KZ per 1ℓ. As far as I know, 1KZ seems not to have good fuel economy. 1KZ seems to be about 6km per liter on websites related to cars.

From my personal point of view, I think this difference in fuel consumption may be due to the difference in the drive system rather than the engine.

The Super Select 4WD system used in the L400 can be switched to 2WD, but the fuel economy of 2WD and 4WD does not change much. The driving force seems to be 50:50 for each of the front and rear. However, the fact that fuel consumption does not change so much means that there is less mechanical stress during 4WD. So I’m running in FULL TIME 4WD position all year round.

I think that the difference in 4WD systems is reflected in fuel efficiency.

This is truly a 4WD Mitsubishi.

Which is better

The powerful, quiet and comfortable ride is more like a hiace.

Impressions of passengers in the passenger and rear seats aside from the driver will definitely be Hiace.

Actually, I can’t recommend L400 very much. The reason is that there are many defects and failures.

On another site, kazuhiko, who is familiar with this car, said, “I can not ride this car unless I have a feeling that it is a little different from the general public.”

I think that’s exactly right.

I didn’t bother looking for the L400 and bought it because I happened to have a chance to buy it, but I never dreamed that it was such a wonderful car.

At first, I sometimes wondered “why this car…”. But now I’m totally into this L400.

Isn’t it a really fun car once you get on it?

However, if you are most concerned about [maintenance costs], after all… it may be better not to purchase.