The best part of the late type L400 = high seating position

L400 for high-floor minivans that is unprecedented in the modern age of low-floor minivans! But there are some merits, too…

Unusual floor height allows you to see scenery that other cars cannot see

The view is simply good. There are no normal cars with such high eyes. It is only the 200 series Hiace and NV350 caravan that can confirm this height in commercial vehicles now, but both are “commercial vans”

There are various cars all over the world, but I suspect that the L400 has both comfort and floor height. The advantage of having a high point of view is not only the view is good

・It is easy to see the traffic situation ahead
・It is hard to get tired when traveling a long distance on a highway
・It can be seen when the front of the car cannot be seen at all during a snowstorm
・Easy to talk to passers-by while riding (because the face is about the same position)

Of course, there are disadvantages, but it is on another page.
Even though I have been riding for many years, I feel that the height of this line of sight plays a role in not getting tired of cars.

High floor height makes children happy

Small children enjoy high places.

My daughter never minds that the L400 is an old car. Last year, when I moved my L400 with my daughter and my daughter’s classmate, a classmate’s child was jealous of this car.

The child’s father had purchased Toyota’s Etima, but he seemed to prefer the L400.

But he said, “The view is good, but my dad’s car has a window in the back seat.”

“Oh really!?”

···Is that so···

After all new model is good.

In the same model year as the L400, only the van type of the commercial vehicle opened the window in the back seat.

On the other hand, it seemed cool when the window didn’t open.

Even if I say such a thing to a child, I just think that he is “Oji-san who does not hate losing” ^^;