Good points of the late model L400

I know that some people dislike the L400, but it has the charm that only people who ride it can understand, so on this page, I wrote only the things that people who are riding know as “good points.”

World’s only OFF ROAD minivan

There aren’t many minivans that can be used as is in a rally, but the L400 has been working as a Pajero support car for generations such as the Paris, Dakar, and Rally. Perhaps because of that, Delica has been given the same engine and undercarriage as Pajero. (Maybe there was no rally in this D:4 only)

Engine and mission that overcome the shortcomings of the previous model

Previously I was riding a Pajero equipped with the 4M40, so it will be a comparison with the previous model,

Good start

It will be the effect of electronic control mission. The start-up is completely improved. If you step on the accelerator while the vehicle is stopped, you will run at a tremendous momentum that you cannot imagine from the vehicle body.

Power is going up

The previous model also ran reasonably well, but I felt lacking in power when running at high speed with an air conditioner in the summer.
“If you have a little more horsepower…”
“A little more” comes out. This difference is great!

Therefore, whether to turn on the air conditioner or not… don’t hesitate!

In the old days, when I needed strength, I used to put up with an air conditioner, but now I use it without hesitation.

No exhaust gas

The black exhaust gas that had come out so much… It stopped perfectly in Late type L400. Incredible!

Even though this big car body is accelerating violently…

What kind of magic can you use to run like this? There is no exhaust gas as much as I think.

The Late type 4M40 Pajero I used to ride was really terrible!

In the rear-view mirror, I could see the following car running to avoid smoke.

I think the rear steps are still excellent equipment

I think this step is great. Equipment that Mitsubishi should be proud of. This car is still the only one.

Maybe it was necessary because the floor was strangely high, but I think that it is a piece of equipment that even a normal minivan wants.

As a result, I have no trouble getting in and out of the car for both children and the elderly. I also wanted the driver’s seat and the passenger seat if possible!

Great location! Floor height

I don’t think there is a car with such a high sitting position. Is 200 Hiace and Nissan NV350 about the same?

Well, this is good or bad. If the seating position is high, the car will shake. But I feel that there are many benefits

A good view makes it easy to understand the traffic situation ahead.

Because the view is good, children are happy

Even if you run a long distance, it looks like a truck and there is little visual fatigue

What I thought was better than anything else was the winter snowstorm when there were “snow walls” on both sides of the road!

In a normal passenger car, the snow blown from the side makes it impossible to see the front at all, but in the L400, it is higher than the snow blown, so the front can be seen better.

I get tired of riding in the same car for many years, but is this “high sitting position” the reason why I never get tired of riding this L400 for many years I feel.

There are unexpectedly many gaps in the bonnet

If there are various things in the bonnet, you have to remove them every time you repair them, and just looking at them can make you tired of repairing.

However, it is good that there is an unexpectedly large space inside the bonnet of the L400.

If you remove the intercooler, air cleaner, and battery, you can do almost all engine-related work.

If there are various things inside the bonnet and they are narrow, you will not feel like repairing when you open the bonnet.