To replace the fan belt on the 4M40, remove the alternator tensioner!

I didn’t realize it when I wrote this article, but I had been thinking that the fan belt was wearing out quickly.

After I wrote this article, I replaced the pulley of the air conditioner belt, and suddenly the engine sound became quieter and the V-belt did not decrease. For a long time, I had been thinking that only the two V-belts were wearing out quickly, but it seems that the cause was that the bearing of the tension pulley of the air conditioner belt had died and was no longer turning.

This article is about the replacement of the fan belt, but I will upload an article about the replacement of the air conditioner belt pulley bearing later, so please look forward to it.

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Replace all three anyway.

The two V-belts that turn the alternator were worn out and thin, and even if I wanted to replace just these two belts, I would have to remove the compressor belt to get to the two V-belts, so I decided to replace all three belts anyway.

I decided to replace all three belts anyway, since fan belts for L400 Space Gear are usually sold in sets of three. By the way, fan belts are much cheaper by mail order than by regular purchase!

I tried to buy even an external belt at a store, but they said it would cost me $1980 for just one belt for the compressor!

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Removing the air conditioning belt is easy.

The pulleys move as much as they can and the belt is a flat poly-V belt, so it’s very easy to change! The only problem is that the adjustment is done from the top and the fixing is done from the bottom, so it’s a hassle to remove the underguard, sleep, and wake up ・・・・. By the way, there is no clearance between the fan and the belt, so it’s easier to use a gear wrench.

Remove the alternator tensioner bolt!

To replace the two V-belts, I loosened the 12mm bolt on the tensioner and moved the alternator as far as I could while applying leverage with a steel pipe, but I could not remove the old belt.

I was so desperate that I turned the other 12mm bolt that holds the tensioner bolt and removed the tensioner stay, then the alternator moved one more step and I was finally able to remove the old belt.

I should have done this from the beginning: ・・・・・

Why is it built with so little room? The work was finished successfully, but I felt a bit frustrated…

After the exchange, the ultra-silence

The idling has become surprisingly quiet! Especially since the two V-belts were worn out and had become quite thin.

But if it’s so much quieter with a new belt, does that mean the worn belt was slipping a little? There was no “squeal”, but ・・・・ (After this, it turned out that the air conditioner pulley was ruined.

By the way, the mechanic said, “It’s a sign that the V-belt needs to be replaced when it enters the pulley rather than the outside. Is the life shorter than I thought?

By the way, the “tension” of the belt is quite tight!

There used to be a saying in the past that “when you push the belt, it should have a deflection of one finger. ・・・・”, but now it seems that such a deflection is not necessary. It seems that tighter is better than looser. In any case, the lessons learned from this work are

Get rid of the tensioner!

That’s it.