traffic accident

What is the key to avoiding a car accident? What do I need to watch out for so I can say goodbye to my car accident?

There are people who have never been in a traffic accident, aren’t there? I think those people are driving while paying attention to various things without realizing it. It starts with an engine start. I think people like that have an awareness of safety even before they get in the car. For example, if you’re backing out of a parking space, take a quick look around you before you get in the car and ask if there are any children around. Or, how close to other cars are they? Do you see anything on the ground? What’s the tire pressure? I pay attention to the fact that Please back up and park.   Park “backing up” as much as possible. That way you can start the car without any problems. When my kids were born, I started backing up as much as possible. The reason for this is because there is a possibility that the child may be playing behind the wheel. Kids want to play near their dad’s car, you know. Driving in residential areas at a speed that allows you to stop at any time. As I found out when I had my own children, they will run […]