The motor doesn’t stop and the motor beeps even though the steps are out! Autostep sensor repair

After the sliding door is opened and the autostep protrudes, there is now a “beep” sound. The “Half Door Warning Light” was blinking on and off at the meter panel. It was obvious that some kind of trouble was going on! The autostep has a sensor inside the unit that detects overhang and retraction. I thought it might be a problem in this area. However, it was still cold and rainy in early spring, so I couldn’t get up to speed. I don’t even know where the safety circuit for the auto-step motor’s power supply is… However, the motor of Autostep turns off automatically, and the operation of Autostep can be turned on and off with a single switch, so it has been neglected for some time because it does not cause any practical problems. However, I finally got up the nerve to take down the Autostep. The cause is still the sensor switch. It felt easier to take the autostep down this time, as I’ve repaired the autostep link before. If you jack it up enough to fit your body and remove 2 connectors and 3 bolts and 2 nuts, the autostep unit comes off. If you remove the […]

L400 Space Gear front upper arm ball joint grease up

This front upper arm ball joint is the weak point of the L400 Space Gear. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last 200,000km. If you hear a squeaking sound like a violin when turning or leaning at an intersection, it is probably because the front upper arm ball joint is worn out. It’s okay to replace them, but it costs about $50 each, and $100 for two? Well, it’s probably cheaper to grease it up before it starts making noise. When I turn the steering wheel, I hear an odd “squeak” sound. I started to hear an odd “squeaking” noise when exiting the parking lot, parking, and turning at intersections. Within a few days, the noise got louder and I thought, “Is it an air bite in the power steering pump?”. Because the power steering fluid was just short of the lower limit of the power steering fluid from the time I bought this car, so I wondered if air had gotten into the car without me knowing it. I thought. And since the noise only comes out when I move the steering wheel, I figured it was probably the power steering pump, steering shaft, rack, or something else. Venting a power steering […]

L400 hub bearing replacement (front). You have to use special grease for the hub bearings!

The L400 Space Gear is a great way to replace the hub bearings without the need for special machinery. What is a hub bearing? These bearings are used to turn the wheel smoothly. In the case of this car, the disc rotor is rigidly attached to the hub by bolt and nut. Since the hub is the part that puts the most weight on the car, the load on the bearing is also heavy, but the durability of the bearing is high and usually the part can last 200,000-300,000km without replacement. Normally, 2 to 3 bearings are used in a car. How difficult is it to replace a hub bearing? Some cars require special tools or a hydraulic press, but this L400 space gear was done as a DIY project without any special tools. However, if you order a new hub bearing, it comes with the outer race as well as the hub bearing, but the difficult part for me was replacing the outer race of the bearing (the metal ring that receives the bearing). The inner side was press-fitted using the outer race that I removed, and the outer side was press-fitted using a large impact socket (for the […]

Inspection and Maintenance of Brakes|Daily maintenance of brakes may be dangerous for amateurs, especially for brakes

I thought I might as well just look at the condition of the tires and brake pads, but I didn’t want to get into changing the pads or even the slide pins… The promise of a tire change. In early winter and early spring, I jack up the tires and remove them, so I check the thickness of the brake pads and the cracks and rust on the rubber dust boots at the joints. This time, I decided to replace the brake pads and grease up the slide pins, which I had felt the limits of six months ago, while changing the tires.   If you remove the slide pin, the caliper comes off. The slide pin is hard, but if you hit it with a hammer using a spectacle wrench, it will be loosened very easily. Once it is loose, you can use a ratchet to loosen it. By the way, in the rear, a gear wrench would have been handy as there are a lot of things that get in the way. Be careful how you attach the pad. There are two types of brake pads, one has a thin steel plate which is supposed to prevent squeal, […]

L400 Repairing leaks in sliding doors and rear gate

The stains on the inside interior of the sliding doors had been bothering me for quite some time, so I decided to repair the caulking around the sliding doors and the heavily damaged rear hatch glass. Water seeping into the car through the sliding door? While I was washing my car in my neighbor’s GS, I heard a clattering sound coming from the sliding door area, so I moved to the back seat and saw that water was coming from the middle of the upper part of the glass of the sliding door! I’ve known for some time that water was leaking from somewhere in the sliding door, but this time I decided to take the plunge and caulk the gap between the glass and the door at the top of the sliding door because it was soaked to the lining of the sliding door. Weatherstripping may not be the cause of the leak At first, is it the rubber (weatherstripping) lining the sliding door opening? I ordered a part, but it is quite expensive. The one at the top of the opening is $30 for the real one, the one that goes all the way around costs $100, and […]

Fuel Element Replacement|If you start to worry about starting your engine

Elements are replaced every 20,000 km? It may depend on the car model, but according to the service data, the fuel filter needs to be changed every 20,000km. That seems a bit short. Normally, you wouldn’t change it in that span of time. But I feel that you should do it every 50,000km at the most for a long time. The reason for that is in the fuel tank. I’ve been shown the inside of a large truck’s fuel tank once, and when I look inside the ano there is quite a bit of debris at the bottom. It doesn’t seem to say that the fuel at the gas station is definitely clean. So I feel it needs to be replaced for me. Why is the inside of the fuel tank so dirty? Whether it is an automobile or a large machine, the inside of the fuel tank is unexpectedly dirty. There doesn’t seem to be any room for sogginess when you’re refueling at a gas station, but the fact that the inside of the tank is so dirty means that there could be debris and other contaminants in the fuel inside the gas station. Well, assuming the cloudy black […]

Intake Manifold Gasket Replacement This was the cause of the sizzling noise, burning smell and oil leak!

Unacceptable… strange noises and smells. I’ve been wondering about this for a while now, such as the squealing noise when accelerating, smoke and a strange odor that seemed to be from under the hood. Furthermore, there was a burning smell coming from the air conditioner vents! It seems to be interlocked with the boosting system of the turbo when listening to the noise while driving. I don’t know the principle of the turbocharger, but the boost gauge on my surf that I used to drive before shows that the boost pressure goes up from 2000rpm to 3000rpm where the maximum torque comes out of, and the boost pressure goes down when it’s over that. I think it is linked to the transition of the boost pressure which is peculiar to the diesel turbo. And the strange smell and smoke when I went up the uphill of the mountain road at a stretch and stopped. Translated with (free version) Is the manifold gasket loose? According to various sites, the early model 4M40’s have a “blow valve” behind the intake manifold that can deteriorate and cause the boost to fall out. However! My late model 4M40 doesn’t have that! Looking closely […]

Changing knuckles. We can do whatever we want with knuckles off.

Is the noise caused by the knuckles? I honestly didn’t think I could take it apart so much with an amateur DIY. Around last year, I started to hear some strange noise coming from the bottom that was in tune with the axle. The sound seems to be getting a little to loud. But I can’t for the life of me figure out where the sound is coming from. One possible cause of the axle rotation noise could be dragging brake pads, but it’s hard to think of that as the cause of the noise since it’s been properly maintained and the pads are worn out evenly. Another possibility is the hub bearings, but as far as the hub bearings are concerned, they were grease up last year. So I was suspicious of the knuckle. Knuckles have bearings, and I remembered a mechanic I trust once told me that if the knuckles are distorted, they make a strange noise like a bearing. I’ll take out anything that gets in my way. Once the tires are removed, disconnect the harness from the ABS sensor connector, 12mm bolt and clip. Next, remove the brake. The brake can be loosened by putting on […]

Replace the engine mounts! No more vibrations.

You’ll see! This comfort. It might be like a new car. If it has over 200,000 miles, it’s time to do it. The engine vibrations and accompanying clattering noises at idle have been bothering me, so I decided to take the plunge and replace the engine mount. I’d like to drive it for 400,000 km if possible… Then we’re right on the cusp of a turnaround. If we do it now, we’ll be comfortable for the time being… I thought it was easy to do, and I did it. Replacing the mounts is easy! The problem is… The biggest hurdle in replacing the engine mounts is How to get the engine going. Do you want to hang it from the top? Do you want to lift it from underneath? I guess it depends on the tools I can use, but I was fortunate enough to be able to use the overhead crane I work with. I decided to replace the engine mounts by only hanging the front side of the engine without removing the transmission mounts. The engine was hoisted. Then… what was the pitfall of replacing the engine mounts? First I took off the hood and removed the intercooler, […]

The front shock absorber bolts are stuck! The final step in removing a hardened bolt.

Machines are like anything else, but the older they are, the harder it is to get the bolt out! There is a lot of trouble with this. A bolt that won’t turn at all! Normally, it would be very difficult for water to get into the car, but the shock collar (the metal tube that inserts the bolts) and the bolts have stuck together so well that the bolts won’t budge no matter how hard I hit them, and when I turned them around with an impact, the entire bushings turned! When it becomes like this, it is impossible to pull out the bolt except for destruction. Under normal conditions, the bolts and collars move scantily, but the dimensions are very tight, so if any rust occurs, it will stick immediately. However, I have replaced the shocks several times, the last time being about 3 years ago. The last time I noticed the sticking was last year, so it’s been about 2 years since the shocks stuck. It’s hard to imagine it sticking that long, but the bolt in front of me now… it’s stuck! Translated with (free version) I applied a wetting agent to it. I tried spraying […]