What’s the best headlight for the L400 Delica Space Gear, I switched to HIDs.

Currently (2018) in Japan, the law has changed a bit since this article was written, and if you use shading tubes, if the “cutoff” (the left side is slightly raised) is removed, you won’t be able to pass the inspection, so if you want to get HID, I recommend you to use domestic HIDs that don’t need shading tubes from the start. HighLow independent space gear HID is surprisingly easy The H7 low beam and H1 high beam space gears are easy to install because you just have to install a single burner for each. Plus, there’s enough space under the hood near the headlights so you don’t have much trouble installing the igniter. HID kit! Will the cheap ones break quickly? The H4 type burners don’t seem to last as long as the burners themselves switch high and low, but the single burner types that have independent high and low beams, like the Space Gear, last a little longer, even the cheap ones. The burner on the cheap kit I’m using now has lasted 4 years and the igniter is already 6 years old, but it’s OK. A burner that’s too bright will always get a complaint if it’s […]