Install shading tubes to HID burners to prevent glare

The shading tube needed to be machined to be used in H7, so I machined it. You can’t use the shading tube as is. I installed the shading tube as it arrived, but for some reason, I was still bombarded with upward facing headlights from oncoming traffic. I turned on the headlights, got out of the car, walked around and looked at my car from about 50 meters in front of the car, and it was still quite bright. There seemed to be quite a bit of glare. So I thought about the principle of shading and decided to modify the shading tube. Why do we get glare? Multi-reflector headlights reflect the light from the reflector to illuminate the front of the vehicle. So when the beam is low, the light is shone on the upper half of the reflector. H7 headlights are designed for low beam only, so I installed them with the cut end of the shading tube facing up. But yet, that’s a problem because there’s also light directly in front of them and upwards! So why does the light come out in the front and upward direction? That’s because the light is leaking out near the […]

The good points of the late model L400. Step to rush out

It is a device equipped from the L400 of the Late model, and it is a device not seen by other companies. The current D:5 is also available as an optional equipment. There may be many people who thought that it would have been nice if the Early model L400 was equipped with this. Steps for children and the elderly DSCF0031 This is one of the major differences from the Early model L400. The early model had one fixed step, but I couldn’t put it outside the width of the car, so it was hard to put my legs on it. This makes it easy to get on and off even if the floor is high. My child wanted to sit in the passenger seat from an early age, but he always got in and out through the rear entrance. by the way, this step can also cut the movement. There is a switch on the instrument panel of the driver’s seat, so you can turn off autostep. I think it’s convenient to be able to turn it off when you don’t need the autostep operation. Sometime it will break down, so early response is good This kind of equipment […]