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Engine noise is quieter now! Pulley bearing replacement (air conditioner belt tensioner pulley)

If you go to a genuine parts store, they will tell you that the compressor tension pulley is an assembly replacement, but you can actually replace the bearing for a few hundred yen. I had been feeling that the fan belt was wearing out fast lately, but it seems that this was the cause. After replacing the bearing, the engine noise at idling became quieter, which surprised me. I was surprised at how quiet the engine sounded at idling after replacing the bearing. I guess even parts like this deteriorate after a long time of use. Let’s be careful. This article is about the replacement of the pulley bearing. ディーラーだとアッセンブリ交換 I went to a Mitsubishi genuine parts store and tried to order just the pulley, but they told me I had to order the entire assembly, including stays and bolts, and the price was over 5,000 yen! Instead of ordering, I went to another parts store and asked if they had just the pulley. I went to another parts store and asked if they had any pulleys, but they said they only had genuine parts for this part. Well, ・・・・ what should I do? ・・・・ Do you want to replace […]

Why does the L400 Delica Space Gear have so many “strange noises”? How to get rid of the noise and get younger

The undercarriage of the L400 Space Gear makes various noises, but why does it make so many strange noises from various parts of the undercarriage and why do various parts wear out? If you think about it in terms of humans. Poor posture, poor use of the legs, and undue strain on parts of the body. With that in mind for a moment, I did a L400 space gear alignment adjustment and the results were great, so I’ll let you know! It’s making noises all over the place. If you look at the access analysis of this site, the search term “L400 space gear noise” is what you will see. This car may be one of those rare cars that is really bothered by noise from the suspension. There is no end to the topics around here on other sites. I’ve been bothered by these noises myself. The source of the noise is usually the front suspension sway link or the upper arm & ball joint. What’s causing the noise? Why are there strange noises coming from the undercarriage? When you think about it, it’s the stabilizer links and ball joints that cause it, but if you think about it […]

The worst part of the late model L400 is abnormal noise!

That strange noise that suddenly comes out when driving comfortably. It’s an old car, so it can’t be helped, but I wonder if it could be managed a little more. “Disgusting” to the noise coming from the underbody With this size, I’ve matured the underbody so much at this car height! I feel that. However, in order to achieve such ride comfort and driving performance at this vehicle height, it seems that somewhere is a heavy burden. Consumable parts, mainly rubber parts and ball joints, but they wear out each time you shake left or right. I think the L400 will make more noise and feel less comfortable than other cars. Famous places include [Stabillink], [Stabil Bush], [Front Suspension Support], [Front Upper Arm Ball Joint], etc. If there is no unusual noise, this car is quite quiet and comfortable, so I feel sorry. Therefore, my car life is looking for the cause of abnormal noise → Checking the cost of parts → Challenge DIY because it is unexpectedly cheap → Become more familiar with cars. I’m wondering if it’s like this. Do you ask a professional to take measures against abnormal noise in the suspension? Or do you do it […]