Good point of late type L400 | Inside the bonnet with a lot of gaps

Imadoki’s car doesn’t allow you to open the hood and try to touch the engine. But when it comes to cars around this time, especially the L400…

There is room inside the bonnet

There are various things in the hood of the car, and even if you try to do something, it is hard to get it, and even if you try to remove the obstacle, it is difficult for even the sole.

The interior of the bonnet of the L400 diesel turbo seems to be hard to repair due to the intercooler, air cleaner, battery, etc., but by removing these, various tasks will be surprisingly easy.

However, on the contrary, it can be said that it can be said to be a drawback in a sense, because it can be said that work such as repair can not be done unless these are removed.

You can replace the headlight bulb without removing anything

Don’t you think it’s sober but important?

With the Toyota Hilux Surf I was riding on before, when replacing the headlight bulb, I absolutely had to remove the batteries on both sides! This was pretty hard

Currently, I am using HID for both high beam and low beam, but I am very happy to start working on HID installation and adjustment.

anything by removing it

Until now, we have done various things such as glow plug replacement, manifold packing replacement, engine mount replacement, tappet cover packing replacement, rubber fuel hose replacement, engine block cleaning, but for the 4M40 engine, an intercooler or air cleaner , And if you remove the battery etc., you will be able to see the engine better.

If this is a V6 gasoline car, this may not be the case. Only one…I haven’t tried yet because there are no problems, but it seems that only the starter motor will have a tough battle.

But if you can see this much, you may be able to modify the injection pump yourself.