Bad part of late type L400 | Oil deterioration and element

Even though it’s a station wagon, the engine is very delicate even though it is an “offloader!” Be careful of engine conditions!

Oil management of 4M40 must be done firmly!

I think that the engine is basically weak against oil stains. The engine noise becomes loud after 2,500km to 3,000km after the oil change.

I have tried various oils and additives until now, but after all, it did not last well up to 5,000km. The first thing to change the oil may be the key. I bought a second-hand car that ran 40,000 km, but as far as I can see from the maintenance note of the previous owner…Oil was changed only a few times (T_T)

At first, when I got on the L400 and accelerated completely, I heard a strange noise from around the turbo when it got high rpm. After repeating the oil change a few times at an early timing, this noise disappeared, but if the oil management is sloppy, the turbo will be stressed more than I imagined.

In the unlikely event that the turbo is defeated, a huge repair fee is waiting.

The oil filter of 4M40 is huge! Too big

It’s good to change oil quickly, but this car has a lot of oil to put in.

The catalog value was 8.2 liters. Well, the amount of new oil that I usually add when changing oil is about 6.8 liters. Even if you remove the drain bolt from the oil pan, you can’t remove everything.

Even so, isn’t this oil filter too big? After all, it is the same size as large heavy equipment and trucks.

It’s big, and the price is high! If it is a genuine product from the manufacturer, it will cost about $50.

I used a filter of about $20 online since I went to buy a genuine product and thought it was expensive.

But if you search online, it’s even cheaper. Including shipping, it will be about $10 cheaper.

Isn’t it also ant to look for it in the net auction? Eventually, bulk purchase of oil filters is advantageous. It’s absolutely necessary.

By the way, I am currently using a route to use an unusually cheap oil filter. It’s about $90 ^^; Well, I don’t know about quality, but so far it’s no problem.

I think that it does not have to be so expensive because it is a device that only filters oil.

Is the amount of oil and the big element a lack of confidence?

Considering that the amount of oil and the size of the element have been changed by conducting various experiments during the development of the engine, this engine does not feel like high performance.

This is because not only high output and low fuel consumption but also [running cost] is one of the performances.

I think that it is unfriendly as a product that the maintenance cost paid by the user is not considered even if only the catalog data is repaired.

For the same reason, [Timing Belt] is also disliked. Well, I will talk about that on another page.