The motor doesn’t stop and the motor beeps even though the steps are out! Autostep sensor repair

After the sliding door is opened and the autostep protrudes, there is now a “beep” sound. The “Half Door Warning Light” was blinking on and off at the meter panel.

It was obvious that some kind of trouble was going on!

The autostep has a sensor inside the unit that detects overhang and retraction. I thought it might be a problem in this area.

However, it was still cold and rainy in early spring, so I couldn’t get up to speed.

I don’t even know where the safety circuit for the auto-step motor’s power supply is…

However, the motor of Autostep turns off automatically, and the operation of Autostep can be turned on and off with a single switch, so it has been neglected for some time because it does not cause any practical problems.

However, I finally got up the nerve to take down the Autostep.

The cause is still the sensor switch.

It felt easier to take the autostep down this time, as I’ve repaired the autostep link before. If you jack it up enough to fit your body and remove 2 connectors and 3 bolts and 2 nuts, the autostep unit comes off.

If you remove the cover that covers the top of the unit, you can see the inside of the unit. So first of all, let’s see the inside of the unit.

Then I noticed that the metal fittings of the sensor switch were not symmetrical.

I turned the 21mm bolt (manual retraction bolt) sticking out from the unit and tried to retract the sensor switch, but it seemed that the sensor switch could not be pressed because the metal part of the sensor switch was bent.

Will it work if I turn the bend of the metal fitting back?

I wondered why it was bent, but I had to find out why it was bent, so I strained my eyes: ・・・・

The hardware is broken: ・・・・

This breakage is probably metal fatigue.

Well, I can’t blame them for this happening after 200,000+ miles of use.

So I removed the sensor from another car’s autostep that I had stored there and replaced it.

This autostep, when it broke down, I went to Mitsubishi to buy some minor internal parts.

We’ll need to replace the assembly.

(sadly), so it’s good to note down the part number engraved on the part, as the part you removed this time may possibly have a generic part.

It’s a pain in the ass when it breaks down like this, so if you don’t use the autostep, you might want to turn the switch off.

Anyway, the “auto-step” is one of the most proud features of the late model Space Gear, but it seems to malfunction after 200,000km.

It can be repaired depending on how it breaks down, but the unit is heavy and a pain in the ass to unload.

Now, when I don’t have a passenger, I turn the switch on the steps to “OFF” to avoid wear and tear.

(Laughs) Neither the linkage nor the sensor will wear out so much if not used.

Buy a used one!

I happened to have a used autostep unit this time, which helped, but when the autostep breaks, “Replace it all!” That being said, if you have a long relationship with your late model L400 Delica Space Gear, I would recommend getting a used autostep.

It’s much better than looking for parts every time it breaks down.

If you’re going to buy one, the sooner you do, the better. I’m sure they get fewer and fewer every year.

All we need now is a sensor, though.

I wonder if a sensor is down somewhere: ・・・・

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