Autostep stop sensor repair|Sensor replacement

The auto-step at the back seat entrance is an excellent piece of equipment, but that doesn’t mean it won’t break down forever either. Someday…..

An alarm beeps after the steps protrude.

After the sliding door is opened and the autostep protrudes, there is now a “beep” sound. The “Half Door Warning Light” was blinking on and off at the meter panel. It was obvious that some kind of trouble was going on!

The autostep has a sensor inside the unit that detects when it is extended and retracted. I thought it was probably a problem in this area, but it was still cold and rainy in early spring, so it was difficult to sit up, and I wondered if there was a safety circuit in the car body for the motor of the autostep. The power is automatically turned off, so it doesn’t cause any practical problems, so I took the autostep down, but I finally got motivated to do it.

The cause is still the sensor switch.

It felt easier to take the autostep down this time, as I’ve repaired the autostep link before.

You just have to jack it up enough to fit your body and remove two connectors and three bolts and two nuts to get it off.

If you remove the cover that covers the top of the unit, you can see the inside of the unit. And I saw the inside of the unit.

I noticed that the sensor switch hardware is not symmetrical. I turned the 21mm bolt (manual retraction bolt) sticking out from the unit and tried to extend and retract it.

Will it work if I turn the bend of the metal fitting back?

I thought so, but then I looked closer.

Hardware is broken.

This breakage is probably metal fatigue. It’s no wonder it was like this after more than 200,000km. So, I decided to get parts from Autostep.

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