The worst part of the late model L400 is abnormal noise!

That strange noise that suddenly comes out when driving comfortably. It’s an old car, so it can’t be helped, but I wonder if it could be managed a little more.

“Disgusting” to the noise coming from the underbody

With this size, I’ve matured the underbody so much at this car height! I feel that. However, in order to achieve such ride comfort and driving performance at this vehicle height, it seems that somewhere is a heavy burden.

Consumable parts, mainly rubber parts and ball joints, but they wear out each time you shake left or right. I think the L400 will make more noise and feel less comfortable than other cars.

Famous places include [Stabillink], [Stabil Bush], [Front Suspension Support], [Front Upper Arm Ball Joint], etc.

If there is no unusual noise, this car is quite quiet and comfortable, so I feel sorry. Therefore, my car life is looking for the cause of abnormal noise → Checking the cost of parts → Challenge DIY because it is unexpectedly cheap → Become more familiar with cars.

I’m wondering if it’s like this.

Do you ask a professional to take measures against abnormal noise in the suspension? Or do you do it yourself?

The rubber parts that cause noise are from a few dollars to about 10 dollars.

However, if you ask the maintenance shop to do it, you will have to pay “wage” in addition to the parts cost. This hurts a lot!

In Japan, maintenance of steering gears and brakes is not possible unless you are qualified as a third-class mechanic or higher.

Can you identify the location and cause of abnormal noise?

When you first encounter an abnormal noise, what is going on in Doco? It has absolutely no clue, but once you experience it, you will understand it the second time.

Therefore, I have summarized the abnormal noises I have experienced so far and countermeasures in a table.

※in preparation

Let’s run in 4WD

If you drive this car in Full Time 4WD, you will find that the body leans little when cornering. Above all, four tires are evenly reduced compared to 2WD.

It seems that each part has less wear due to the smaller tilt.