Good points of late type L400 | 4M40 diesel engine type 2

It’s a late model 4M40 that looks almost the same except for the color of the intercooler, but its performance is staggeringly different! As soon as I started driving, I felt like I had been hit over the head with a hammer.

Why couldn’t they have made this engine from the beginning?

If we had succeeded with this diesel engine and GDI from the beginning, we would have become the manufacturer that Mazda is today…

That’s how great this engine is!

Compared to the previous model 4M40 engine, it’s totally different!

I don’t think it is the same engine type engine.

I was on the Pajero of the previous model 4M40 engine, so the difference is clear. Compared to the previous model, it is only 15 horsepower, but this difference is big!

Before, when I was on the Pajero, I thought, “I wish I had more choi horsepower-“, but that power comes out with the 2nd model.

The Pajero I used to ride had a lot of black smoke, so when I was driving an air conditioner on a highway in the summer, I didn’t want to run too fast.

But with the L400 loaded with the late 4M40, I think I want to drive at the fastest speed possible.

Also, in the previous model, the mission was a lock-up type, and it was probably a mechanical shift, but at 80 km/h, it was in the 4th speed unless it was “solid stepping”.

Even if you step on the uphill, the speed will eventually drop, but with the late model, you can smoothly accelerate and maintain speed with a feeling that the mission will slip just in the right rotation range in any speed range.

[Axel body] for diesel? Major features of 4M40 type 2 only

The 4M40 late model is similar in appearance to the earlier model, but if you look closely, there are big differences. that is····

There is an accelerator body even though it is diesel

I thought that the basic diesel engine is “naturally aspirated.” The [Axel body] that should normally only be found in gasoline engines is attached to the 4M40-2 type intake manifold.

Maybe this is the secret to drastically reducing black smoke and harmful substances in exhaust gas.

Operation control seems to be electronic control, but it is unknown what kind of algorithm is operating
In any case, this is the most difference in appearance from the previous model.

There is no accelerator wire! Adjust fuel with something like a radio volume

Although I don’t understand why, I do not adjust the injection charge of the injection pump mechanically with wires, but rather adjust the injection amount electrically. Therefore, the end of the accelerator pedal link is like a radio volume.

I have driven an electric accelerator vehicle of another company before, but my frank impression is・・・slow

The reaction is bad and the fine adjustment is not effective. That was the impression. But this car is different.

The response is better than the previous model and fine adjustment is also useful.
Anyway, the reaction of the accelerator is crucial on the snowy road! You can adjust the bending of the curve by adjusting the accelerator pedal.

At first, I was worried that this car was electric, but when I got on it, I thought that it was a completely “misunderstanding”.

Fuel consumption is good though power is coming out

It is slightly lower than the previous model, but it is not bad. About 8.5km/L. It will exceed 10km/L if you concentrate on driving 50km/h to 60km/h. The maximum was 11.6km/L.

I think this is a good diesel engine of this class at that time. I hear 6km/L for Toyota 1KZ.

Driving less than 60km/h is recommended for fuel efficiency.

When running at about 80 km/h, it is 2000 rpm, so I thought that the best fuel economy was about 80 km/h due to the maximum torque, but it seems that the fuel economy is 60 km/h or less. ..

Not a timing belt, but a chain

Recently, gear drives and chain drives have increased, but the mainstream of cars around this time is belts!

A belt is also good, but it needs to be replaced every 100,000 km, and the replacement fee is expensive.

But if it is a chain drive, you do not need to replace it even if you ride 200,000 km or 300,000 km!

But there are some disadvantages. In fact, the belt can make the engine quieter. In fact, the 1KZ engine is quieter than the 4M40 even with the same specifications.

However, there is not so much difference in quietness, so I prefer the 4M40.