How to tune the suspension of L400? External shock absorber is not always good.

Have you ever put in a new set of shocks, only to be disappointed when you test drive it and find it too stiff? From such experience This is a suggestion of “rear tuning for old guys”. Here is my proposal. That stock shock absorber is definitely out of date, isn’t it? It’s an old car. There is no such thing as a new car. It’s probably wobbly and uncomfortable to drive. If you look under the car, do you see the black stock shocks? If it’s a stock shock, it’s probably dead. Are you thinking of replacing them with external shocks of some kind? Now you’re probably thinking, “What’s the best way to go? External shock absorbers are usually harder. Since the introduction of the Space Gear, it has been said that it shakes and rolls a lot, so most of the manufacturers of external shocks make shock absorbers to prevent this from happening. So, what I’m wondering is whether harder shocks are really comfortable for everyone? I think so. Especially for people like me, who will be old in 10 years, do they really want a stiff suspension? The goodness of genuine Mitsubishi shock absorbers and the goodness […]

Engine noise is quieter now! Pulley bearing replacement (air conditioner belt tensioner pulley)

If you go to a genuine parts store, they will tell you that the compressor tension pulley is an assembly replacement, but you can actually replace the bearing for a few hundred yen. I had been feeling that the fan belt was wearing out fast lately, but it seems that this was the cause. After replacing the bearing, the engine noise at idling became quieter, which surprised me. I was surprised at how quiet the engine sounded at idling after replacing the bearing. I guess even parts like this deteriorate after a long time of use. Let’s be careful. This article is about the replacement of the pulley bearing. ディーラーだとアッセンブリ交換 I went to a Mitsubishi genuine parts store and tried to order just the pulley, but they told me I had to order the entire assembly, including stays and bolts, and the price was over 5,000 yen! Instead of ordering, I went to another parts store and asked if they had just the pulley. I went to another parts store and asked if they had any pulleys, but they said they only had genuine parts for this part. Well, ・・・・ what should I do? ・・・・ Do you want to replace […]

To replace the fan belt on the 4M40, remove the alternator tensioner!

I didn’t realize it when I wrote this article, but I had been thinking that the fan belt was wearing out quickly. After I wrote this article, I replaced the pulley of the air conditioner belt, and suddenly the engine sound became quieter and the V-belt did not decrease. For a long time, I had been thinking that only the two V-belts were wearing out quickly, but it seems that the cause was that the bearing of the tension pulley of the air conditioner belt had died and was no longer turning. This article is about the replacement of the fan belt, but I will upload an article about the replacement of the air conditioner belt pulley bearing later, so please look forward to it. Translated with (free version) Replace all three anyway. The two V-belts that turn the alternator were worn out and thin, and even if I wanted to replace just these two belts, I would have to remove the compressor belt to get to the two V-belts, so I decided to replace all three belts anyway. I decided to replace all three belts anyway, since fan belts for L400 Space Gear are usually sold in sets […]

The cause of noisy engine is in an unexpected place! What is the cause of the noise that reduces even fuel efficiency?

If you have a noisy Delica Space Gear and you’re wondering why it doesn’t get quieter even after using fuel and oil additives, it might be worth a try. I replaced the fan belt and pulley bearings, which don’t seem to have much to do with the quietness of the engine, and it became very quiet. The diesel noise (squeaky noise) was loud. The “squeaky noise” at idling was noisy to begin with. When I replaced the fan belt, it was reduced and thinned out early in the Warri, and I felt like the ・・・・ fan belt was wearing out fast. What? When I touched the pulley when I changed the fan belt for the second time, I found ・・・・・・ It’s not working! So I hurriedly replaced the tension pulley bearings in the compressor belt and all three fan belts… Suddenly the engine is quiet! I’ve become so accustomed to noisy idling that I didn’t realize how quiet this engine was: ・・・・ I didn’t know that. Basically a quiet engine. When the 4M40 was developed, it was supposed to be a dramatically quieter engine with dramatically less black smoke. It’s hard to believe with the state of the 1st model […]